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ENG 305 Lesson Plan

Persuasive Writing

Shawna Belanger

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of ENG 305 Lesson Plan

What is Persuasive Writing? It is writing in which the author attempts to alter the reader's opinion. Where Have You Used or Seen Elements of Persuasion Before? Convincing parents why you should be allowed to do something

-Staying out late
-having friends over
-going to a concert


-Why you should buy a product
-Why you should watch a television show
What Elements Create Effective Persuasive Writing 1) Claim - Make a claim that you will argue in your writing
by using facts, data, and reasoning. 2) use experts to back up your opinion - It makes your argument stronger and more convincing 3) Using Aristotle's Appeals Logos- Logical

Logos means to persuade the audience through the use
of reasoning. An effective persuasive paper is consistent, has a clear claim, uses logical reasoning, and effective supporting evidence. The author should use facts and statistics to further state their claim.
Pathos - Emotional The writer's language choice can effectively enhance their
argument by appealing to the emotional response of the reader. The writing should contain: vivid language, emotional language, and sensory detail. Ethos- Credibility The author must portray themselves as someone that the
audience can trust and who is worth listening to. The writing shows credible sources and the authors authority. Political Leaders
-Why you should vote for them.
-Why you should agree with their stance on the issues. How to write a persuasive paper: Start with a strong introduction Support your thesis in the body of the paper Show that you understand the pros and cons, but make your argument stronger Prove your argument and dispel opposing arguemnts by: stating facts.

Make the strongest argument last Refresh the reader's memory in the conclusion
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