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UIC Library Orientation

By UIC Library

Public Relations

on 25 August 2017

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Transcript of UIC Library Orientation

Welcome to UIC Library
How to use the Citation tool
A certified media specialist is trained to develop a school library collection
De-selection (Weeding)
Selection - Align with curriculum
School library programs impact student reading comprehension
Current, diverse and rich collections give media specialists the ability to teach using the latest technology and utilize historical and contemporary works
What is LIRN
Library Inventory
Our texts and books are classified using the Dewey Decimal System
We have a large variety of books and texts for your use

You may check out up to 5 items per term and keep them for a maximum of 2 weeks
We have some books that have a special yellow reference sticker on them and those items may not leave the library
We also have the online library System LIRN that allows students and professors to research online
LIRN The Library and Information Resources Network, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation formed in1996, is a consortium of educational institutions that have joined together for cost effective access to information resources.
What does LIRN do?
Provides students with full text resources to support their research activities.
It is managed through an authentication gateway.
How to Access LIRN
To access just go to http://www.lirn.net or click on online library on unilatina.edu
UIC's LIRN ID is: 43172
Most databases are updated daily and approximately 90% of articles are full-text
LIRN offers different databases- ProQuest, InfoTrac , e Library, Gale Virtual Reference Library and many others
They are very user friendly and you will find them very helpful

Recent updates to Pro quest Business includes actual business plans and templates for writing your own business plan
Remember that databases can be accessed from home using UIC's LIRN ID
How to use LIRN
After you select your article, you can click on cite icon to obtain the correct citation for your reference page. Additionally, you have the option to select the format type (e.g APA, MLA, Chicago)
If you have any questions or need any instruction, please contact:
Leona Metzger (Librarian)
Diego Rozas (Library Assistant)

Library Contact
Please check here often for new updated information
Library Inventory
Here you may search our catalog for items that we own.
If you would like to check out materials, please contact Leona Metzger, Librarian lmetzger@unilatina.edu or Diego Rozas, Library Assistant library@unilatina.edu

Also, on this page, you will see an area that says “Web Links”. This contains an excellent site with information on APA citations and plagiarism.
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