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The Enlightenment in Europe

Period 2

Laurynn Martinez

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of The Enlightenment in Europe

The Enlightenment Age of Reason Thomas Hobbs Social Contract Natural Rights Philosophes John Locke Voltaire An agreement people make with government life, liberty, and property French thinkers Ideas founded on
the Scientific Revolution Freedom of thought
and expression Jean Jacques Rousseau Women's Equality In favor of human freedom Importance of
an individual Against abuses of justice Influenced the American
and French Revolutions Religious freedom Abolishment of torture Beccaria Idea of progress Mary Wollstonecraft Idea Thinker
1.Natural rights – life,
liberty, property Locke
2.Separation of powers Montesquieu
3.Freedom of thought
and expression Voltaire
4.Abolishment of torture Beccaria
5.Religious freedom Voltaire
6.Women’s equality Wollstonecraft
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