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California Linked Learning Promise: Tow and Seamless Transitions

Strengthening Student Success Presentation, October 2013

Dr. Laurie Scolari

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of California Linked Learning Promise: Tow and Seamless Transitions

Linked Learning
Industry Driven
Linked Learning transforms students’ high school experience by bringing together strong academics, demanding career and technical education, and real-world experience. It’s a new way of teaching high school.
Students follow industry-themed pathways, such as engineering, arts and media, or biomedicine and health.
What Is Linked Learning?
How is Linked Learning Different?
Theme based: students in an arts, media, and entertainment pathway might learn persuasive writing skills while developing business plans, or creative writing skills while drafting scripts.
Linked Learning integrates challenging academics with a demanding career and technical curriculum.
More than 500 high schools applying the Linked learning method in California
If these Linked Learning Graduates are well prepared for postsecondary education, what’s the problem?
Three Case Studies & over 100 interviews
Findings in a nutshell:
Three Case Studies & over 100 interviews
Findings in a nutshell:

To increase student success in community college by clearly defined and articulated pathways for students to transition from a Linked Learning high school experience to postsecondary education and emerge for a career or transfer to a four-year college or university.

Funded by the James Irvine Foundation
Goal of CCCLLI
CCCLLI Partnership Sites
Contra Costa College |
West Contra Costa Unified School District
Los Medanos College |
Antioch Unified School District
Sacramento City College |
Sacramento City Unified School District
Long Beach City College |
Long Beach Unified School District
Merritt College |
Oakland Unified School District
Pasadena City College |
Pasadena Unified School District
Los Angeles City College |
Los Angeles Unified School District
Berkeley City College |
Oakland Unified School District
Contra Costa College
Designed developed pathway design team with local HS Linked Learning representatives that collaborate on the development of the selected Law/Public service pathways:
> Administration of Justice- Security Specialist Certificate
> Emergency Medical Services Program
Disseminate findings though the various CCCLLI community of practice subgroups and partner colleges as a powerful method to develop best practices.
Through data gathering, analysis, and team dialogue about outcomes, continuous improvements will be made to the student pathway experience.
Explore “pre-graduation” services, Early Assessment and Intervention Strategies, dual enrollment opportunities, and Streamlined Programs of Study in Community College.
Coordinate and integrate recent advances in blending student support services and success strategies to intensively work on high school student’s transition to college work.
Description of our CCCLLI Project
Integrate ADJUS content into English developmental coursework to prepare students for English 1A .
Align student expectations from the “high school” to “College” mentality.
Develop time management map to enhance study opportunities.
Help students develop cultural know-how and agency to seek assistance early in the semester.
Provide ongoing emotional and moral support for our students.
Strong college faculty leadership has initiated the “internal faculty conversations” across disciplines, required for change in areas like college assessment practices, counseling and student services (including all aspects of the “the student experience” as they transition from high school to college.
Continued focus on developing “joint priorities and outcomes”.
Expanding communication through continued research and data dissemination with the Linked Learning Academies and within and across our college and other community colleges.
Presented by:

Dr. Laurie Scolari
California Community College Linked Learning Initiative Director,
Career Ladders Project

Dona DeRuso

Cecilia Mendoza
Linked LearningCoordinator, West Contra Costa Unified School District

Dr. Richard Ramos
Faculty, Contra Costa College

California Linked Learning Promise
Toward Seamless Transitions

Goals for today's session
1. Overview of California Community College Linked Learning Initiative (CCCLLI)
Overview of Linked Learning
2. Highlight work of CCCLLI at Contra Costa College
Project Overview
Systemic Change - K12 Perspective
Systemic Change - Community College Perspective
Although LL High School students were successful in high school, few underestimated how many were going to community college.
Community Colleges enroll more than half of undergraduate students in the nation.
Equity Gap: The largest majority of Community College students are underrepresented.
Major transitional barriers prevented student success
Placement in remedial math and English classes
Matriculation barriers
Low priority enrollment status
Description of our CCCLLI Project
Description of our CCCLLI Project
Contra Costa College has experienced success because:
Faculty Collaboration
Thank You!
Questions or comments?
Public Service & Law
Health Services & Medical Technology
Arts, Media & Entertainment
Our Transition Strategy
Our Data Strategy
Standing transition team meetings
Changing how we normally do business
Early outreach: Helms Middle School
A true across systems connection is critical because 68% of local high school students attend California Community Colleges
Use of data
How we're sustaining the work
K12/Community College Collaboration Strategy
The Career Ladders Project
fosters educational and career advancement through research, policy initiatives, and direct assistance to community colleges and their partners.
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