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Planning for Climate Change in the Goulburn Broken CMA

A story of collaboration in The Goulburn Broken

Goulburn Broken CMA

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Planning for Climate Change in the Goulburn Broken CMA

...a story of collaboration in regional Victoria
Creating the
strategy is a journey ...the planning story goes on...
The equipment to explore planning scenarios
Creating the tools...
Conversations, perspectives, discussion - testing ideas and assumptions
Gathering perspectives...
Every journey starts with a 1st step!

Integrating Climate Change into NRM Planning in the Goulburn Broken Catchment

this is our story...

A common understanding to guide our path
Setting the scene...
Ensuring a life for the strategy - the adaptive management framework
Embedding the idea
At this point in the story we have the background knowledge and understanding to explore the multi-layered reality that is climate change planning
Bringing it all together...
Planning for Climate Change in the Goulburn Broken Catchment


Climate Change Adaptation Planning Strategy (under development)
Regional NRM Planning for Climate Change in the Goulburn Broken project
Focus on identifying priorities for climate change adaptation and carbon farming to support GBRCS

Goulburn Broken Regional Catchment Strategy 2013-19
Climate variability identified as one of the four main drivers of change
Strategic objectives reflect Climate Change Integration Strategy 2012-15

Climate Change Integration Strategy 2012-15
Provides a framework for implementing strategic position statement
Focus on integrating climate change adaptation across GBCMA programs

Climate Change Strategic Position Statement
“in dealing with climate change and likely impacts, the GBCMA focuses on adaptation strategies to
increase catchment resilience, greenhouse gas sequestration activity will be engaged to assist adaptation responses and mitigation initiatives led by local government will be actively supported”

Climate Change Position Paper (2007)
Proposed approach to responding to climate change focusing on improving
adaptive capacity by reducing risks of climate change impacts

...our story begins...
...understanding landscape processes & climate change...
...the logic of our project...
...the framework for the SAT...
...realising the SAT in a GIS...
...a vulnerability assessment approach ...
The Goulburn Broken Catchment
Continuing the conversations
The characters
Developing the project
Establishing ownership of the project across the organisation through collaboration
Melanie Haddow - GBCMA
Craig Clifton - Jacobs SKM
Milos Pelikan - Jacobs SKM
Helen Murdoch - GBCMA
Rod McLennan
Kate Brunt - GBCMA
Mark Cotter
Pat Feehan
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