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Lesson: M&M dot plot

No description

Emily Stuursma

on 15 March 2015

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Transcript of Lesson: M&M dot plot

1. Gaining Attention:
Students will be reminded of time spent collecting data in the past. The teacher will ask questions about readability of the data to highlight the struggle of gaining information from unorganized data. Students will be told the objective is going to be to organize data in a dot plot so it is easy to read and information can be found quickly.

making dot plots
Once the M&Ms are brought out, students will definitely be intrigued. This will be a good motivation for students to stay engaged. The teacher will talk about how not all M&M packs are the same. Each has different amounts of each color. The teacher will present the idea of figuring out how we investigate different packages with different colors inside.
Work Experience
Teacher will walk around the room asking students about how they are organizing their data and constructing their graph. Corrections or flipping misconceptions can be done at this time.
Students will turn in dot plots for a grade so teacher can gain information of improvement and students' knowledge of dot plots.
M&M dot plots

From the desk of Miss. Stuursma
2. Informing learners of the objectives:
Students have already learned how to collect and record data. Teacher will ask students how they might record data and get responses from students. They will also discuss the importance or purpose of collecting data.
Teacher will open a pack of M&Ms and first ask the class how she should organize them first. Then, the teacher will model how to construct a blank dot plot. She will then model how to add the M&Ms to the dot pot. She will ask for students to help her complete.
After releasing students to work in partners, the teacher will walk around the room and assist as needed. There will be special attention give to students who she knows will need extra support.
7. Providing Feedback
8. Assessing Performance
Students will be asked to collect new data over the next week. The new data will be used to make a new dot plot. They will be asked to write their own questions that can be answered by looking at the graph.
9. Enhancing Retention & Transfer
We would like to thank our sponsors, M&Ms for making this lesson plan possible.
3. Stimulating recall of prior knowledge:
4. Presenting the Stimulus
5. Providing Learning guidance

6. Eliciting Performance
Students show their understanding by constructing their own dot plot with a partner. They will also be asked questioned that can be answered using the graph.
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