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Up a Road Slowly


Michaila Cooper

on 19 October 2009

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Transcript of Up a Road Slowly

Up a Road Slowly By: Irene Hunt Michaila Cooper's
Book Report Irene Hunt lived from May 18, 1907 – May 18, 2001. She was born in Pontiac, Illinois until her family moved to Newton. Her father died when she was only seven. She graduated from the University of Illinois to go onto the University of Minnesota. She then taught english and french. Once she retired in 1969, she devoted her time to writing. She was fifty-seven when she published her first novel, "Across Five Aprils".
Her next novel, "Up a Road Slowly", won the 1967 Newberry Medal.
Authors Biography Setting Characters Major Characters Julia Trelling...
...is the main character in the story as well as the narrator. She was sent to live with her aunt after her mother died. During the story she tried to figure out life.

Aunt Cordelia....
...is Julia's aunt who lives in a mansion in the country. She basically becomes julia's mom and raises her. She was the teacher of the old one room school house for forty years.

Uncle Haskell...
...is Julia's uncle who lives in a carrigae house behind the old mansion. He has been writing a book call the Magnum Opus for over twenty years. He died the year Julia was graduating from highschool. In the story he is the anti-hero and also the anti- thesis to Aunt Cordelia.

Adam Trelling...
...is Julia's father, he sent her to Aunt Cordelia when she was young. He is a professor at the college in the city. He married Alicia Allison when Julia was going into highschool.

Alicia Allison Trelling...
...is a teacher at Julia's highschool as well was her lovly step mother. She married Adam Trelling the year Julie got out of elementary.

Danny Trevort
...has been Julia's friend since she first came to Aunt Cordelia's house when she was seven. Through out the whole story you see romace conflicts between Julia and Danny. At the end of the story it talks abut them getting married.
The book does not specifiy where or when the story takes place, but from the context, the author's background, and time period it was written we can assume the story takes place in small city in Midwest, America during approximatly the 1960's.
The main setting in the story is Julia's "aunt's house in the country, five miles out of the small college town..." (Hunt11). "It was a large old house, set well back from the road in a grove of oak and white pine and stately elm, its twelve rooms were spacious and airy, a delight in summer and amonumental heating problem inwinter. There was a wide veranda across the front of the house with tall white columns and a half dozen steps leading to a brick paved walk which curved in and out among the trees until it reached the big gate at the road."(Hunt13). Behind the marvolous mansion was a carriage house that Julie's Uncle Haskell lived.
The mansion was one and a half miles away from the one room school house where Aunt Cordelia taught and Julie attended all through elementary school.
After that she then began attening a highschool located in the city. Minor Characters Chris Trelling...
...is Julia's older brother. He moved to Aunt Cordelia's house at the same time as Julia did.

Laura Trellng...
...is Julia's sister who raised Julia as much as she could before Julia left.

Jonathan Eltwing...
... is Aunt Cordelia's beau form the past. He moved back to the small town where Cordelia lived, with his insame wife.

Mrs. Eltwing...
... is Jonathan Eltwing's wife, she is insane and dies toward the end of the story because of her sickness.

Brett Kingsmen...
...came to Julia's highschool as a transfer student. He used Julia's love for him as a way to get good grades in english. He later broke her heart and fell in love with Carlotta.

Carlotta Berry...
... has been Julia's friend as long as danny has but they were not close. The book really describes her character when she is in highschool with Julia. She basically only cares about relationships with boys. She later moves to her aunt's house far away cus she got pregnant. Antagonist Protagonist Brett Kingsmen... He is an antagonist because he manipulated Julia to do his english homework for him and he broke her heart.
"Brett dropped my hand abruptly. Well you can have it schoolmarm, he said, and the contempt in his voice was un mistakable" (Hunt 124). Carlotta Berry... She is an antagonist because through out the whole story there is conflict and competition between her and Julia.
"For two years while Carlotta sailed from one boy to another, attented every dance and football game, and shook her head pitiyingly at me as she relized the fulfillment of her prophesies"(Hunt 119). Julia Trelling I think Julia is a protagonist because in the beinging of the story she viewed her situation in life desparingly. Her mother had died and she was taken away from her sister Laura, but in the end she was happy and proud of how she lived her life.
"In the darkness for hour after hourwith no clear-cut understanding of what my sorrow was; there was a sense of helplessness as to what was going to happen to me, a sense of bewilderment..." (Hunt 17).
"Whether or not they approved of the attitdes and opinions I had picked up from Aunt Cordelia, all the members of my family were pleased that I was named valedicotrian of my class that year..." (Hunt 180). Aunt Cordelia She is a protagonist because she raised Julia in her manners, character, and academics. She always encouraged her to do her best and the right thing.
"Spinster aunts serve a need, but they should know when the time come to push their young nieces out on their own..." (Hunt 175).
"Tht whole thing was a lot of hogwash as far as i'm consernd, he said belligerently as we left the theater... It has done pretty well for the past three centuries inspite of your opinion, I said sharpply, the Aunt Coredelia- influence getting the upperhand of me..." (Hunt 124). Alicia Allison Trellling She is a protagonist because she tried to protect Julia from Brett, she also developed a strong relationship with her to bind the Trelling family closer together.
"...and i was Alicia's one attendant. It was very nice of Alicia to ask me; the honor might well have gone to Laura... But she chose be... Anyway i was happy in my important role..." (Hunt 95).
COnflicts Man VS. Man Julia vs Aunt Cordelia
The conflict between Julia and Aunt Cordelia is an internal one, but it only goes one way. Julia doesn't want to become like Cordelia..
"Good-bye, Julie, dear child. You know it's amazing how much you like your Aunt Cordelia. His words roused a fury inside me...but i knew i was prettire than Aunt Cordelia... i hated Dr. Eltwing at that minute" (Hunt 83).
Julia's response to Dr. Eltwing's comment caused a external conflict between them.

Julia vs Alicia
The external conflict between Julia and Alicia is very brief in the story but relevant because Alicia is just trying to protect Julia from being used by Brett.
"What in heaven's name do you mean by getting involved with this boy... But you never gain security by selling out for a shoddy something that only resembles love...i think that he is very immature and is using you for his own purposes..." (Hunt 132).
After this conversation external conflict appears between Julia and Brett, because Julia refused to do Brett's english homework for him.
"Tell me how to begin it, sugar.... i can't tell you what to say, Brett; i just cn't do that. Why don't you write in your own words...Brett slammed his notebook shut. How am i supose to sa yit in my own word? i haven't read the stupid thing... so if you don't want to help me just say so..." (Hunt 135).

Julia vs Danny
The conflict between Julia and Danny is both external and internal. During the whole story they both suffer from not knowing who the other one loves in their heart. The external conflict is mostly Danny's relationship with Eden, which hurt Julia.
"Then suddenly Danny's arms were around me , and his lips were on mine... Its always been you Julie, No one ever really except you.... Not Eden?...she ws right i loved you and it showed through..." (Hunt 156).
Man VS. Society Brett vs Julia's family and friends
Julia's family is against Brett because they know hes using her to get a good grade.
"I've been trying to give him a lift... anyway, everybody is against him. You know neither you nor father can stand the sight of him." (Hunt 131).

Uncle Haskell vs family
Uncle Haskell's confilct with his family is external, because his family knows he is a lazy, good for nothing procrastinator.
" i was sure that any admission would bring to their minds the picture of UNcle Haskell, allegedly working for forty years on a book the no one had ever seen or was likely to see." (Hunt 160).
Man VS. Nature Uncle Haskell vs Cirrhosis
The conflict between Uncle Haskell an his liver could not be resoulved with a positive outcome. He died of Cirrhosis in Julia's senior year.
"Our telephone rang very early the next morning... Aunt Cordelia will answer that ring. Then there will be a time of silence. After that, she will come up stairs... and she will say, Julia, Uncle Haskell is dead... And it happend almost that way.
Plot Exposition Rising action climax Falling action The story takes place during 1960's in Mid-West America. A young girl named Julia and her brother Chris are sent to their Aunt Cordelia's old country-side mansion outside of the city they lived in. 12. Then transfer student, Brett Kingsmen, wins Julia's heart.
11. Two years of highschool go by.
10. Mrs. Eltwing died because of her illness.
9. Julia decides to live with her aunt through highschool.
8. Julia's father and Alicia Allison get married.
7. Last year of Aunt Cordelia teaching.
6. Dr. Jonathan Eltwing and Mrs. Katy Eltwings move into town.
5. Julia's 12th Birthday Party
4. Laura and Bill get married the year Julia is ten.
3. Julia bonds with Uncle Haskell.
2. Makes friends in school and loses friends.
1. Julia meets Danny and Carlotta and begins going to school with them. 13. Brett breaks Julia's heart and she become depreased and angry at everyone. 14. Julia recovers from her hurting heart.
15. Julia falls in love with Danny.
16. Julia admits her want to write and then get a story published in the college daily.
17. Uncle Haskell dies of Cirrhosis.
18. Graduates from highschool. Favorite PArt My favorite part in this book is at the end when it shows what years of influence has dne to Julia
"It happened when Mrs. Peters brought her two small grandchildren over to visit us... When i asked them their names, the little girl answered for both. "I am Peggy, and my little brother is Bobby," she told me... I lifted the small boy into his wagon, and offered my hane to the litttle girl. "We'll let Robert ride, and you and i can pull him, can't we, Margarent?" (Hunt 179).
I love this part of the story because since Julia was little she liked being called Julie but her aunt insisted on calling her Julia. During the story it talks about Julia not wanting to become like her Aunt Cordelia, but know unconciously she can't help it. Literary Tricks 1. Dramatic Irony "Your book is comin out soon then?" Jonathan Eltwing asked politely. "By spring, we hope," Uncle Haskell said airily..." (Hunt 80).
This is dramatic irony because we know Uncle Haskell well enough to see perfectly how much he is truly exaggerating. 2. Situational Irony "Then suddenly Danny's arms were around me , and his lips were on mine... " (Hunt 156).
Before this happens they were sitting in the car completly silent and you really didn't see it coming. 3. Imagery "It was a large old house, set well back from the road in a grove of oak and white pine and stately elm, its twelve rooms were spacious and airy, a delight in summer and amonumental heating problem inwinter. There was a wide veranda across the front of the house with tall white columns and a half dozen steps leading to a brick paved walk which curved in and out among the trees until it reached the big gate at the road."(Hunt13).
This is imagery because you can cleary see the old mansion in your head. 4. Hyperbole "... in the winter the beautyof the rooms downstairs marred by great coal-burning stoves that too often belched black smoke when a damper was inadequately adjusted."(Hunt 13).
This is a hyperbole because chimmneys can not blech. 5. Simile " Once again, both Chris and I were manipualted like small puppets in our world of adults..." (Hunt 37).
This is a simile because it is comparing Chris and Julia to puppets.
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