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Habits of Mind

Auburn School Department: Park Avenue Elementary

Elizabeth Firnkes

on 4 July 2016

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Transcript of Habits of Mind

Implementing Habits of Mind in an Elementary Classroom
Monitor Goals
Learning the Language
How are the Habits of Mind a part of everything we do?
The Language of the Habits of Mind
Establishes a classroom climate where all learners can feel successful.
Building a Vision Statement and a Code of Cooperation with the Habits in mind
Increasing Alertness
Adding key words to the class word wall while we are unpacking the habits helps us use the words more regularly.
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Elizabeth Firnkes
Auburn School Department
Park Avenue Elementary

School-wide Focus:
* Consistent Language
* Core Value Cards and Announcements
* Student of the Month

Classroom Focus:
* Morning Meetings with Morning Messages that highlight Habits of Mind
* Introduce targets using videos and picture books.
* Journal Reflections
* Monitor Progress

Expanding Capacities
Exploring Meanings
* Journal Reflections
* Literature Discussions

Developing Appreciation
Building Commitment
Teaching with the 3 Circles

* Habits of Mind Reflection Sheet

* Habits of Mind Oops Chart and Unpacking Sheet
* Habits of Mind Posters

* My Pinterest Board


The Maine Cohort uses Eduplanet21 as a training tool and an Idea board.
Many teachers find
using short videos are
helpful in Creating
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