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Fashion magazine

No description

Nikki Agostino

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Fashion magazine

Their Innovations and the Celebrities Dressed
During the 1960s
popular musicians, their music and albums
"Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country." - JFK
Fashion Designers
Famous musicians
Social Conditions
The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
Bob Dylan
Jimi Hendrix
James Brown
The Beach Boys
Ray Charles
The Doors
Elvis Presley
Aretha Franklin
Led Zeppelin
Feminist Movement
Woman were not treated equal to men.
Woman worked house chores and took care of the kids
Seen as possession of men
Only 38 percent of woman worked in 1960 and were limited to jobs such as nursing, teaching or a secretary.
Woman were paid less for doing the same job as men
Therefore woman began to stand up for their rights in society.
Many woman band together to diminish workplace inequality through the creation of anti-discrimination laws.
Monday, February 17, 1969
fashion through the decade
Fashion Trends of the 1960's
During the 1960s
Economic Conditions
peace signs
long hair
circles sun glasses: trickle down theory
mix and match colour and flared bottom suits, bigger collar
beatniks:blue jeans baggy sweaters outrageous behavior
hippie: maxi skirts anti-consumerism, hippie head band, carefree attitude
twiggy: makeup and influence
beehive: back combing
hair flipped out at the ends
gogo boots
shift dress
space age: star treck
bobby socks
cocktail dresses: for going out
Jackie Kennedy: bill box hat, french fashion
ethnic wave/influence (seen in magazines)
young people were benefiting from the post war industrial boom.
the economy was in pretty good condition it was heading in the right direction for the following decades.
people had money for clothes
during the end of the decade the hippies put an end to this consumerism when they stopped buying mass produced items
the efficiency and productivity of the US economy had improved since world war 2
minimum wage increase from $1.00 to $1.25
by the end of the decade average american income had increased 50%
median family income rose from 8540 in 63 to 10, 770 by 69
in 65 the GNP (gross national product) grew by 9 billion
Toronto Star
civil rights movement
The civil rights movement brought about a positive change to segregation.
Before the civil rights movement everything was separated into black and white.
Blacks and whites were not aloud to interact
the black community thought it was unfair to be treated unequally
many activists such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks spoke in name of the black community
Civil rights activists used non violence protests and civil disobedience to initiate change.
voting rights act of 1965 and the civil rights act of 1968.
Space Age
space travel had an enormous impact on society during the 1960’s.
Russia and America were competing against each other to be the first man on the moon.
they were sending unmanned space ships to Venus and mars.
as they began to learn more about the solar system.
July 20 1969 the Apollo 11 mission landed man on the moon.
Space travel became a major influence and inspiration to fashion industries.
An example is Pacco Rabanne. his line had a space approach he began to use medal or plastic disks linked by wire.
star trek was created and space fashion reached a new height.
take a look at this clip from hairspray:
Cultural Conditions
Political Conditions
Reemergence of the 60s Trends in Today's Fashion
Skirt to patterned summer dress
Bobbie socks to roots socks
Hippie headbands to tumbler/vintage and music festivals
Mini skirt: spiral theory
spiral theory: floral dresses
meaningful peace sign to selfie use
Circle theory: converse
Circle theory
Gogo boots to leather boots
Thanks For Listening
1960s Music and Dance:

Ossie Clark
Chubby Checker - The Twist (1960)
The Twist
Mashed Potato
Temptation Walk
How to do the:

The Beatles
- I Want To Hold Your Hand (1964)
Top Fashion Designers in the 1960's:
André Courrèges
Pierre Cardin
Yves Saint Laurent
Mary Quant
The Hart-Celler Act got rid of the national origins quota system but replacing it with a preference system that focused on immigrants and family (citizens in the states).
The cultural part of this assignment is about the immigration and nationality act in 1965, the pop culture during that decade and the hippies lifestyle.
During the Immigration and Nationality act in 1965, at the height of the civil rights movement, equality, democracy and freedom was the ideas that seized the nation.
Since then, America has been embarrass to what had happened before, when they were choosing which foreigners should not be able to be in the states.
The purpose of the immigration law was to reunited families.
JFK: The Right Man
perfect candidate for his time
young and active
President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963
3 days, the nation grieved
was to be the president that eliminated poverty and civil rights
Promised to extend American Good will around the world
Kennedy's legacy was defined by his failures
He was a president of empty promises
JK: Amazing Lady
Fashionable and Glamorous
prominent model and style-setter for the latest French fashions
cut out dresses, space age cat suits, tight leather pants, body stocks
Lady Gaga & Catherine Deneuve
Space Race:
Soviet Union was well ahead in the race to space.
Kennedy declared publicly to catch up with the russians.
In 1962, John Glenn was the first US astronaut to orbit around earth.
Peace and War:
Sixties seemed to be a violent decade
Wars raged in South-east Asia, in the middle East and in the indian subcontinent.
Assassinations occurred
Street crime became a major issue
The Archie's - Sugar Sugar (1969)
The Monkees - I'm a Believer (1967)
The Four Tops - I Can't Help Myself (1965)
Aretha Franklin - Respect (1967)
The Supremes - Where Did Our Love Go (1964)
The Supremes - Baby Love (1964)
The Kinks- you really got me (1964)
the beach boys - barbara ann
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain't No Mountain High Enough (1967)
Cream - Sunshine of your Love (1967)
Well known hits of the 1960's:
Famous Musicians in the 1960's:
The Kinks
Johnny Cash
The Supremes
Janis Joplin
Pink Floyd
Stevie Wonder
The Monkees
Chubby Checker
Martha & the Vandellas
The Four Tops
US committed a heavily costly war
unpopular at home and aboard
cause of sharp divisions and unrest in US society

Hippies were mostly middle class whites.
The style of fashion hippies would wear were jeans, tie-dyed shirts, sandals, beards, long hair.
They embraced sexual interaction with one another.
Drugs were a big part of the hippie lifestyle.
Taking "the pill" was a very huge trend during the 60's
1965 Immigration and Nationality Act
In the 1960’s nearly half of the population in the states were 18 year olds and under.
Colour TV’s were known in the 60’s and sales increased way more rapidly than old black-and-white TV sets.
The Beatles were well known and were heard everywhere you went.
British Invasion, The Motown and San Francisco sounds were changing music for the good.
In 1962, drive-in movie theatres were on the rise.
Pop Culture
created the mini skirt, coloured tights, skinny rib sweaters and a range of wet-look vinyl fashions.
helped introduce the mini skirt and the pant suit
known for his space age design; cat suits, see-through dresses and futuristic goggles and go-go boots
Jackie Kennedy and Kendall Jenner
entered the whole of fashion through designing the sports wear
his patterns had a psychodelic mood
Nicole Richie
produced gypsy dresses, motorcycle jackets
work in leather and snake skin
Ali Macgraw
ladies pants suits and combining art and fashion with ethnic influence
Chloe Moretz & Emma Roberts
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