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BSBADV507B: Develop a Media Plan

No description

Wayne Nort

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of BSBADV507B: Develop a Media Plan

Advertising Objectives
Inform Increase Review
BSBADV507B: Develop a Media Plan
Solving the problem of Fare Evasion

Melbourne’s Public Transport

Anne-Maree Eastwood
Wayne Norton
Tarryn Greenway

Campaign Budget
Marketing Campaign
Media Vehicles
There are two primary considerations in determining our media vehicles :
The Myki Card Solution
Evaluation and Effectiveness
Introducing the revolutionary scheme to fund Melbourne’s metropolitan transit system

We will discuss ways to ensure that transit
spending can best fulfil its policy goals

New funding for public transportation
can come from a variety of sources

It will solve the problem of lost revenue due
to fare evasion and will offer a prevalent step
forward to reducing Australia’s carbon footprint
Target Markets
target audience
consists of three major groups:

All motorists who commute to and from the city for work

The current public transport users

People who come the city for entertainment and or shopping.

Marketing Opportunities
The glamour of a celebrity seldom goes unnoticed
Celebrity endorsement in advertisement has a great impact on the overall brand
It will be a lead strategy in funding a free Myki card travel system
Companies invest large sums of money to align their brands and themselves with endorsers
Thus generate funds for Melbourne Metropolitan Transit service
This will have a roll on effect
Funding will be generated from a reduction in expenditure in other areas as a result of this project
Expenditure can be saved through the Accident Commission (TAC) and Public Hospitals can be as a result of people to public transport
Revenue generated via celebrity endorsements will boost economic growth
Free public transport will help reduce carbon emissions.
1 - Reach
The average percent of the target audience exposed to advertising at least once within a given period of time
2 - Frequency:

The average number of times, within that period that the advertising message is seen
The following media types will be considered:
Print Media
Despite the view that the newspaper is on the decline, it continues to be a valuable medium for advertising in the
correct environment.
Public transport results in the traveler giving time to the newspaper in terms of daily readership and advertising revenue

Magazines are usually weekly, monthly or bimonthly and can attract a targeted audience.

This can be an ideal medium when focusing on product endorsements
Broadcast Media
Television and Radio reaches a wider spread audience than many mediums.

Television is regarded as the most common leisure activity
Australian adult spends 13 hours a week watching TV
It connects with more people than other mediums
Combining this with celebrity endorsements will strengthen this proposed campaign

Radio is the predecessor to the television with the advantage of its cost effectiveness as a broadcast medium
Internet Media
Has many advantages over the traditional forms of media
It's cost effective and can provide facilities to buy online

The following types on online advertising media are available:
Banner Ads
Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
Search Advertising
CPM Advertising
Social Media Campaigns

Australian adults spend around 5 hours of leisure time per week on the computer
Gives substantial exposure time for celebrity endorsements
Transit Media
Bus advertising is the most widely used form of transit advertising
This includes both interior and exterior of the bus as well as the shelters.

Rail advertising where the trains and stations are use
To house billboard style advertisements
In some cases broadcast media.

In our campaign we propose to combined different media advertising types such as internet and transit to maximise our marketing opportunities.

Driving the Marketing Opportunities
As transit is the primary focus in regard to the fare evasion on the public system, utilising this area to promote free public transport will be an ideal starting point to educate the travelers
Linking transit media with internet and broadcast media will be the focal point of creating initial awareness and the campaign
It is proposed to create internet hot spots on the transit lines that will run fixed advertisements mobile devices including mobile phones, tablets and laptops
It is proposed to combine celebrity endorsements into story type product/service advertisements
Celebrity endorsements are widely recognized, are perceived to be more credible and produce greater influence on evaluation of brand and purchasing intentions
Such as this Youtube clip
Created for:
Melbourne's Public Transport Authority

November 14, 2012

Views (6/7/14):

Subscribers( 6/7/14):

Celebrity Endorsements
Iconic Australia celebrities have been approached by Musician/Politician, Peter Peter Garrett to endorse leading product lines:
Peter has agreed to be a key contact and representative for this campaign should the campaign go ahead.
He has served as President of the Australian Conservation Foundation for ten years
In 2003 Peter was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for his contribution to the environment and music industry.

Hugh Jackman Mel Gibson Nicole Kidman Paul Hogan Russell Crowe AC/DC
Kylie Minogue Jet The Wiggles Miranda Kerr Elle Macpherson Jennifer Hawkins
The major positive outcome for these groups is an increase in disposable income.
are to:

• Convince current car commuters to swap to public transport

• Convince current and casual commuters to continue to use public transport

The advertising campaigns will use clear and concise information and will use mainstream and celebrity endorsement as strategies.

A major factor to emphasis to the general public, specifically the people who currently use their vehicles to commute to the Melbourne CBD, is to inform and educate them that travel on public transport travel is now free. By using free public transport it will have an immediate personal financial benefit for them as well as having an impact on the environment, a reduction in overall Public expenditure by the State Government overall (State Budget).
The objective is to increase the total number of people using public transport in the Melbourne Metropolitan area. The advertising campaign will focus on promoting the positive aspects of

• Clear congestion on the roads
• Eliminate current costs associated with fare evasion
• Environmentally friendly
• Increase in disposable income for individuals
• Cost saving for the Victorian State Government

The success of the advertising campaign will be measured by analysing the usage statics of the traveling public before, during and after the campaign.
Utilising the proposed internet hot spots on the transit lines, periodical surveys will be made available via the traveler’s mobile device
This data will be analysed with the use of statistical tests such as, frequency distribution, graphs and correlation of coefficient variables
These results will be used to help guide the decisions on matching future celebrity endorsements with the product and campaign

Each Myki card has its own unique code, so travel routes to be monitored
Transit run frequency can be adjusted to match demand and the number of travels
Public transport routes can be altered according to travel tracking of the Myki

The following chart will be used as a basis to develop strategy and evaluation tools for matching celebrity credibility, celebrity familiarity, celebrity product / brand congruence and celebrity with a product, brand or service.
Although transit will be a free service for travelers, the Myki card will retain swipe on and swipe off functionality in a similar manner to the current system.
The campaign will have a “Saving the Planet” theme

The slogan:
" Take the Transit Step to Toward Reducing your Carbon Footprint"
What's the name of the campaign?

Each year an average $80 million is evaded from transit fares.
The campaign budget proposes the allowance of $100,000.00 per monthly activity.
The estimated annual cost is $3.6 million including down time periods.
The Campaign's budgeted for are TV, Radio, Newspaper, City Banners/Transit Flyers & Social Media via the Internet.
These selected Marketing Campaign will ensure the maximum positive response to the plan of fixing fare evasion.
On Air with the Radio shows
and advertisements.
Newspaper articles
City wide
posters, public transit
flyers, brochures and
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