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Julianne Ranis

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Jan.13-Jan17

Jan. 20-24
Political Cartoon Project
By Julianne Ranis
5th Period

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Mike Luckovich
January 16, 2014
Alex Rodriguez's suspension from the Yankees for his use of steroids inspired Luckovich to design this cartoon. The two men who announced Rodriguez's suspension and an imitation of the Hulk are portrayed. There is one symbol: the Hulk is a man that transforms into a green brute when he gets out of control. Therefore, Alex Rodriguez turning into a Hulk represents his anger towards the suspension. The cartoonist is expressing Rodriguez's overreacting about his suspension by attempting to sue Major League Baseball and the union. I agree with Luckovich's opinion because Rodriguez should not have violated the MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Cartoon #1
Cartoon #2
Joe Heller
Green Bay Press-Gazette
January 16, 2014
Heller was inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which will take place on January 20, 2014. There are no people; however, a calendar is portrayed. The calendar represents the significance of every day. The cartoonist is expressing his belief that each day is a chance to strive for living King's dream. I agree with Heller's opinion because it is important to fulfill America's promise:"We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal."
Article #1

What Secrets Your Phone Is Sharing About You
January 17, 2014
A young company named Turnstyle Solutions impels a movement to track shoppers in order to promote their products specifically to its clients. Turnstyle places sensors that follow signals from phones with their Wi-Fi activated within a 0.7 mile radius of the business. It uses that information to create lifestyle categories that aid a business's events. Turnstyle Solutions' success only slightly uncovers the value of location data. However, not everyone may be comfortable with their whereabouts being known.
Privacy has become a concern because locations have meanings people might not want to share. Chris Gilpin, founder of Turnstyle Solutions, plans to cautiously extract more data from the information already shown. While in Canada, consent must be given before companies can collect and share personal information, Americans do not have to give their permission. Companies have now become knowledgeable about their customer's affairs offline and online.
Cartoon #3
January 20, 2014
Dave Granlund
New York Times
The AFC Championship Game between the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos inspired this cartoon. A male doctor and sick patient who is a Patriots fan are depicted. The patient represents all the Patriots fans who are sickened by the fact that the Broncos won the chance to play in the Super Bowl. Granlund obviously agrees with other fans that the Patriots should have won the game. However, I believe that each team had an equal chance to win, and the Broncos took it.
January 22, 2014
Rick McKee
The Augusta Chronicle
Rick McKee was inspired by Governor Cuomo's radio announcement that “extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault—weapon, anti-gay…have no place in the State of New York”. The New York governor is depicted as the Statue of Liberty. Lady Liberty symbolizes the United States' freedom, democracy, and opportunity. McKee expresses that Cuomo's statement disagrees with what the United States is supposed to stand for. I agree because a governor should respect everyone's opinion instead of publicly disapproving it.
Cartoon #5
Cartoon #6
Article #2
January 27, 2014
R. J. Matson
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Roll Call
January 28, 2014
R.J. Matson
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Roll Call
President Obama delivered the annual State of the Union speech on January 28. Barack Obama is portrayed delivering his speech while the Republicans and Democrats are threatening weapons against each other from across the room. The ravaged room represents the United States. The cartoonist is conveying his opinion that the feud between the Republicans and Democrats concerning the State of the Union is going to result in the United States' deterioration. I agree with Matson because if they don't compromise, the United States government will deteriorate because of internal feuding.
The House of Representatives recently voted to spend $1.1 trillion for the current fiscal year, ignoring Tea Party activists. The Tea Party is portrayed in a police car chasing after the House which is portrayed in a bus. There is also a sign ont he side of the road that says,"Spending Limit". The Tea Party movement is known for reducing the U.S. national debt and federal budget deficit. The police car represents respect for the law, so the Tea Party symbolizes respect for the country's spending limit. The omnibus represents the House getting away with the money. The cartoonist is expressing his opinion that The House should not be able to get away with spending a trillion dollars. I agree because the United States should reduce government spending and taxes.
Digital Health is Nothing Without Communitcation

Technology way be well-developed, but communication is an important aspect in digital health growth. Education can also build future communicators that can impel innovation. Digital Health Communications Program at Drury University teaches students how to spread the digital health message.
Drury University provides a program that enables students to interact with and learn from health communication leaders and digital health decision makers. This online program takes place over a six month period with professional guests once a week. The Drury Program is a novelty that may be hindered by other priorities, such as finances, but can change the world

Cartoon #7
Cartoon #8
February 7,
Savannah Morning News
February 7, 2014
Streeter was inspired to create this cartoon by the House Republicans pursuing an overhaul of immigration. This cartoon depicts Charlie Brown and Lucy from the show
Charlie Brown
. A symbol in this cartoon is the fact that Charlie Brown represents President Obama and Lucy represents the Republicans in the House of Representatives. Just as Lucy broke Charlie's trust by tripping him and taking the football, so too are the Republicans doubting Obama's intention to enforce laws. Streeter is also belittling Speaker John Boehner's remarks on the matter. Although I understand the Republicans doubt the reform because it could encourage illegal immigration, there is a good possibility that this reform may benefit the country.
The issue of the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, which was believed to change health insurance for the better inspired Randy Bish to create this cartoon. In this cartoon, there are three operators in the room, one of which is lying on the ground with a scalpel in his back, obviously hurt. The operation occurring on the table represents Obamacare, while the man on the ground represents the jobs in America. The cartoonist expresses his opinion that while Obamacare attempts to help the economy get better, it is lowering the supply of laborers. Although I do agree with Bish on the point that the healthcare is enabling people not to work, I also believe that Obamacare is helping those who are needing aid.
Feb. 10-14
Cartoon #9
Cartoon #10
Article #3
Old School rules! Wisdom of massive open online courses now in doubt
February 10, 2014
Joe Heller
Green Bay Press- Gazette
Bill Day

February 10, 2014
two-time winner of the RFK Journalism Award in Cartooning
Joe Heller was inspired to make this cartoon because of the present immigration reform plan and upcoming Valentine's Day. There are no people depicted in the cartoon; however, the heart candies represent Congress's views on the issue. Unlike the usual caring words expected on heart candies, they express negative opinions on the immigration plan. The cartoonist agrees that this immigration reform should not be welcomed into our country. I disagree because this plan could bring more good then bad.
The economic depression America is currently suffering inspired Day to create this cartoon. A character named Bob whose life story is told is the only person depicted. The story itself symbolizes the job availability the economy has created for this country. The cartoonist is expressing his opinion that no matter how hard and honestly one works in this country, everything may be taken away because of issues of money. I agree that it is unfair for good people to lose their jobs when they don't deserve to, and for the people who ruined the economy in the first place not to suffer the consequences.
Massive open online courses, otherwise known as MOOCs, were planned to improve the face of higher education. However, a study has shown that many colleges and universities do not believe MOOCs are suitable learning facilities. They were created to provide a qualified professor who offers free "classes". Those "classes" would allow students anywhere to learn online.
At Tufts University the Education Policy Committee is not fully persuaded that MOOC provides real learning. Many critics believe that students are not captivated by the MOOC courses enough to learn from them. Another study revealed that graduation from MOOC courses was only 4 percent.
Apparently, MOOCs were not created for students seeking a degree, but for "leisure learners". MOOCs have high dropout rates; many academic leaders also believe that online courses are not as useful as personal instruction. The article also provides opinions that the growth rate of online education will continue to increase slowly as traditional courses will remain constant. Academic leaders will continue to monitor the use of MOOCs.
Feb. 17-21
Cartoon #11
Cartoon #12
February 17,
Joe Heller
Green Bay Press-Gazette
February 17,
Pat Bagley
The Salt Lake Tribune
Time Warner Cable is being bought by Comcast. A common person is depicted holding a sign beside a Time Warner Cable remote and a Comcast remote. The sign represents the doubt of the success stocked in their merge. The cartoonist is expressing his opinion that the merge between the cable companies will not benefit consumer and America's economy overall. I agree with Heller's opinion because if they do join, then the company will have a monopoly on TV-watchers; there will be less choices for consumers to decide how to watch.

The cartoon is pointing it's finger at the National Rifle Association's connection with Trayvon Martin's murder. Trayvon Martin is depicted in a creative NRA flyer holding Skittles with his hood on. Trayvon Martin stands as a symbol against the weak laws for gun control in America. The cartoonist is voicing his opinion that the NRA is responsible for the countless deaths that have been caused by guns in the wrong hands. I agree because the NRA is supposed to protect people's rights to own a gun; however, the amount of American deaths guns are have changed the idea that anyone can own a gun, even in the event of protection.
Feb. 24-28
Cartoon #13
Cartoon #14
February 24, 2014
Gary McCoy
The Flying McCoys
February 25, 2014
Stever Sack
Minneapolis Star
Article #4
Global Warming Slowdown Likely to be Brief
McCoy was inspired to make this cartoon by the issue of growing income equality. Michelle and President Obama and the First Lady(dressed in an outrageous gown) are depicted in a room. The outrageous gown that the First Lady is wearing symbolizes the gap between people who are well-off and the people in need. The cartoonist's opinion states that the Obamas are hypocites. While they are trying to fix the country's growing gap in income, they are flaunting their fine possessions. I agree because the President should not be gloating about their finery and wealth while the people they serve are in desperate need of help.
Sack was inspired to create this cartoon by the event of Arizona's governor vetoing the bill of refusal of service to gays. Welcoming people in stores are depicted this cartoon. The florist, bakery, and photography shop symbolize the majority of people in Arizona. Sack is ridiculing the Arizona legislators by sending the officials to Uganda for their decisions to segregate gays from others. I agree with his opinion because gays should have the right to be treated equally as any other citizen.
Scientists have concluded that decreasing pace of global warming is sure to pick back up again. Because the earth hasn't experienced a drastic change in global temperature since 1998, it has given more evidence to those who doubt the existence of global warming. Scientists are also confident that the planet will experience more droughts and heatwaves after the hiatus ends. The burning of fossil fuels has increased the possibility of rising temperatures by raising sea levels and melting Arctic ice.
Many nations have created a deal to battle climate change by 2015. There is a suspicion that the break in global warming may be occurring because of changes in the ocean that are absorbing more heat from the atmosphere. There have been signs of an end to the hiatus, including record heatwaves in Australia, the United States, and Russia. The probability that humans have enhanced global warming has increased since 2007.
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