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Jennifer Vo

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Science

Breaking News: Where: When: Who: What: Why: This Volcano eruption had put an end to the existence of many animals, geography and tourism sites and most importantly vegetation. One of the biggest was destroying animal life which causes thousands of problems around Canada. Lots of environmental factors that we depend on especially when its a major mountain range in North America. This was probably one of the most severest eruptions that we had from all over the world demolishing numerous mountain range protected by forest lands and public destinations. In the gorgeous rocky mountains, South of the location in a very hot tropical morning is where the Hoo Ha volcano stood. Approximately at the coordinates of 39.1178° N, 106.4454° W. It was in the area where many animals lived and also many plant species. This natural disaster abolished everything and anything it could cause to take down. It has changed most of the areas including hunting sites and living species. It was a very joyful day after something tremendous happened not knowing what to do as a very loud noise blasted. This was a very stern event that happened in the Rocky Mountains a mysterious mystery. Who could ever wonder that a small volcano could damage a whole area out in the Rocky Mountains. Searchers are still wondering how it might have happened but scientists are saying it erupted because of tectonic plates diverging or converging and also caused by hotspots. Scientist's say that the Hoo Ha volcano is an extinct type of volcano. It was a very severe explosion that affected many sites bringing about half of the destination to be taken down. This event happened on June 5, 2009. A fine alluring day. Animals running, laughter from coast to coast, no one actually knowing when this volcano was going to burst its top. Everything seemed fine but as volcano Hoo Ha exploded, mayhem and chaos began. Due to the volcano's impact wildlife, habitats, and vegetation has been significantly reduced. We may have found out that the Hoo Ha volcano erupted because of the opening in an Earths crust that released lava when it dramatically erupts. Many Scientists are investigating some methods that will give them a sign whether a massive or small volcano will explode sooner or later. Many people have wonders and thoughts how volcanoes are created it forms when rock surfaces under the Earths crust converge against one another most of the crust is pushed downward that reaches the hot spot where it melts and becomes magma this is forced up by openings and lets out an explosion we call this "Eruption."
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