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TimberBlindMetroShade Product Presentation

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Bianca DiPasquale

on 15 September 2017

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Transcript of TimberBlindMetroShade Product Presentation


Who is Timber Blinds?
-Hunter Douglas backed Company
-3 Facilities: Over 350,000 Sq ft
-All products manufactured in North America
-Over 20,000 units manufactured per week
-Project managers to lead projects
-Largest Network of professional installers
High Profile Projects
The Phoenician – Scottsdale, AZ
F1 Track- Austin, TX
Orangeburg Hospital – SC
TCCD – FT Worth, TX
Duke University – Chapel Hill, NC
San Diego Marriott Towers – San Diego
Texas Health Methodist – FT Worth, TX
Winthrop University – Rock Hill, SC
German Embassy- Washington, DC
Mermet Fabrics
300+ Fabrics
Vinyl Coated Fiberglass
PVC Free Polyester
GreenScreen Revive
Kool Black Technology
Cowpens, SC
Phifer Fabrics
350+ Fabrics
PVC Coated Polyester
Tuscaloosa, AL
Phifer vs Mermet
Mermet :
-Vinyl coated fiberglass
-Sister Company
-Offers both Vinyl coated fiberglass and polyester (matches MechoShade)
The Benefits of Glass:
-3 times higher tensile strength than steel
-Naturally fire resistant
-Excellent dimensional stability
-Requires minimal PVC for uniform coating
-Relatively unaffected by heat humidity and load
Enduris Glass Core Technology
When compared to polyester core yarn fiberglass requires less vinyl for a uniform coating.
Less vinyl equals:
-Less weight
-Improved stability
-Finer yarn
-Less petroleum by product
Vinyl Coated Yarn
Positive Effects of the Sun
Natural Lighting
Natural Heating
Negative Effects of the Sun
Heat Gain
Light Flooding
With Shades
Without Shades
Glare Control
Openness Factor (OF)
Light Colors
-Provide high levels of visible light transmission (Tv) while protecting from harsh effects of the sun
-Help to reduce solar heat gain
-Protect from harmful UV rays
-Reduce the need for manufactured lighting by preserving levels of natural light
Dark Colors
-Reduce visible light transmission
-Improve transparency during daylight hours
-"Meld with the glass" becoming "invisible" from the interior and exterior
-Reduce solar heat gain
-Protect from harmful UV radiation
-Show less dirt than light colors
-OF measures the proportion of holes in a woven fabric
-5% OF= 5% holes in 1 sgm of fabric (95% fabrics, 5% holes)
-Openness Factor affects comfort, the degree of visibility and glare -control
-Actual OF varies slightly from color to color in the same fabrics and is expressed as an approximate OF

Nordic Screen
Light Control Glare Control
Tips to Choose the right Fabric
-For the same style and openness of fabrics, light colors transmit more light than dark colors
-For the same style and openness factor, dark colors absorb more light and provide better glare control and transparency
-The quality of visibility depends on color, the openness factor and then weave structure
-Dark colors will always provide better outward visibility and glare control
-Reflective backing reduces solar heat transmission
-Solar reflection of 75% or greater regardless of color
-10 colors in 63" and 96" widths
-Openness factor: 1%, 3% & 5%
-Fire classification: NFPA 701, M1
-Enhances dark color yarn's energy reflectivity by increasing its near infrared reflection (NIR)
-Combines both positive effects of light and dark color fabric
-3% & 5%
-122" width
-Uniform view
-Reduces SHGC 21%
Regular Screen
SilverScreen Metalized
light transmission through pores
light transmission through holes
-Competitively priced fabric for commercial situations.
-Available in 1%, 3%, 5%, and 10%
-Widths up to 118”
-2 x 2 Basket weave
-Ability to FR fabric without noticeable difference
-Greenguard certified fabric
-Greenguard® certification means the product has been tested for indoor pollutant emissions (VOCs) and passed the testing.

-Annual testing

-Greenguard® covers building products and materials

-Greenguard® Children and Schools- more stringent
Dark Colors
The decision on how to power the motorized window covering is based primarily on the user’s preference but also depends on the motor used in the installation, as each motor type has specific power requirements.
Battery Power
In-Wall Wired
Ac Plug-in
photo curiosity of Lutron
S Screen
-Polyester/Fiberglass/Vinyl Fabric

-Offered in 4% OF

-Uses Multiple different weft yarns

-98” & 122" width

-18 colors

-Fungal and Microbial resistance
Fiberglass Vinyl fabric

Offered in 3% & 5% OF

Available in 14 Colors

Three width options:

Cradle to Cradle Silver
PVC free fiberglass fabric

94" width (standard)

5 colors
-PVC-free, 100% blackout fabric

-Fabric look and feel

-9 colors available

-110" width

-Treated with Duraguard Fabric Protector® to resist most stains and SANITIZED® Antimicrobial Protection to resist most molds and mildew
Avila Twilight
-Blackout polyester fabric

-PVC Free

-Natural look and feel

-118” width

-9 colors
SW 7500
PVC free fiberglass blackout fabric

No “glow”

94" width

5 colors
-1” Standard
-Basic blind – ¾” x 1” head rail.
-1” Professional series
-Competes with Levolor Riviera – 1.5” x 1” head rail.

Commercial Division Binder
Faux wood and alternative woods
– Ultravue.

Commercial Division Binder
Commercial Division Binder
Two head rail systems available
Specifications listed for:
-Standard shades
-Motorized shades
-Side and sill channel
-5” dual fascia

Commercial Division Binder
Commercial Division Binder
Two head rail systems available.
What Makes Eclipse the Perfect Choice?
-Made in North America
-Energy Efficiency
-7 Day production
-Greenguard certified
-FR NFPA 701 certified
-25 year guarantee
-No Cords
-Clean & Microbial Resistant
Great for commercial applications

Completely waterproof – can be put directly outdoors

Adds an upscale look to commercial properties without the high price

FR – NFPA 701 certified

Full specification sheet available for contract quotes
Thank you for Attending!
Bianca DiPasquale
Solar screen shades constructed with Enduris Glass Core yarn are the most technically advanced solar control fabrics in the world. The durability and stability of Enduris Glass Core yarn begins from the inside out, starting with a fiberglass core.
-Lowers greenhouse gas emissions as much as 40% vs. existing PVC compounds
-98% of the plasticizers are derived from non fossil fuel based feed stock.
-lower carbon footprint
-RoHS compliant
-Leed credits for rapidly renewable content
-Ability for compound to be recycled in a standard vinyl stream
-maintains all of the established benefits of traditional vinyl such as durability, cleanability and fabric longevity
Coffee Bean
Walter Watkins
John Ritt
Touch Screen
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