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Company Profile - Monarch Adroit Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Company Presentation

Umang Shah

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Company Profile - Monarch Adroit Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Monarch Adroit Infotech Pvt. Ltd. 3 D Cad Conversion Reverse Engineering Cad Rendering Product Development CAD Detaling and Analysis Research and Innovation CAD Conversion Delivering Perfection... On Time CAD Detailing and Analysis Finite Element and Model Analysis for
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Linear and Non-Linear StressAnalysis for PET Renderings And Animation Realistic..to feel the true essence Expert Analysis from the experts Reverse Engineering Mechanical and Thermal Analysis for a
Assembled Cylinder Drop Test Analysis for Bowl Reverse Engineering from Physical Model Physical Model to Point Cloud Data to Precision Class A Surfaces Detailed Modeling from Product Images Product Development Simplified....... Research and Product Development Core Competence....... Fixture Design for a prominent industrial firm from concept to
manufacturing... Impeller Design with improvised efficiency and performance
R & D project for a SME Problem Solving for a Complex Base Plate
Assembly Research and Product Development Core Competence....... Tool and Die Design of Impeller
Parametric Modelling with Excel Interface
saving time and increasing flexibility for the client Manufacturing Support for Product Development The Founders Passionate to Deliver... On Time Constructive Minds Bonded by Values, Commitment and Excellence.... Harsh Joshi
B.E. (Auto.)
With 3 years of
intense experience
in Engineering,
CAD and Product
Development Pritesh Patel
B.E. (Mech)
M.Sc (Auto, U.K.)
Key Founder and
Pioneer in
Client Management
and Business Development Saurabh Gupta
B.E. (Auto)
3 years of professional
experience in Business
Development and
Management at TATA
Power Umang Shah
B.E. (Auto),
M.Des (IIT-K)
with 2 years of
hard core experience
in Industrial Design
and Engineering Product Design Support Monarch Adroit Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Incepted in 2007 providing only CAD/CAM services.
Today the company has ventured into different phases of product development, engineering and research providing support and enriching the client's business . Work at a Glance Complete Product Development from
Concept level to Manufacturing for an
NGO Clientele Satisfied to the Core....... Industrial Design Where Art meets Engineering....... Styling Concept for a major Automotive Brand for 2025 Designing of a Concern Box for TATA Power Industrial Design Projects Successfully Executed for Lumium Innovations and Dhama Innovations

Project Work cannot be disclosed due to Confidentiality
Agreement Industrial Design
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