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No description

James Hunsaker

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of CAT

Black Team
Monique Kuykendoll
James Hunsaker
Pina Patel
Justin Tirone
Jordan Gilland History Today External Environmental
Analysis Demographics General Environment Sociocultural Macroeconomics Global Political/Legal Technological Industry Environment Internal
Environment Swot Summary Business Level
Strategy Recommendation
& Why Past Benjamin Holt Early 1890's & 1900's Large Wheels That would
Sink into the ground A track made with wooden planks... SINK Into the Ground It was named "Caterpillar" for the way it moved and Holt obtained a patent for it Emerging Markets Variety of Products Acquisitions Growth Like
China Including 21 Other companies in the last 6 years! Would NOT Outside All around the World Businesses Governments Workforce Diversity Sustainability Most in the industry are men Environment Interest rates Inflation Global Trends Poverty Savings War 180 Countries Foreign Competition Local competition can
be fierce Example: As of 2010, Caterpillar
had only 7% of the Chinese market
share. Excavation laws Construction laws Environmental regulation employer laws Human Rights Laws Pollution regulation Anti-Trust Laws Regional develpment Contract Law International Relations With Distrubution And Suppliers Across the globe That Can Change at any Time... In 2009, Caterpillar held the second highest research and development budget EVER! R&D is huge! The Box 5 factors Analysis Potential Entrants Suppliers Substitutes Buyers Industry Competitors Competitor Analysis 4 Questions Future Objectives? Current Strategy? Capabilities? Assumptions? Differentiation: Caterpillar offers unique products and is focused completely on quality, hence the parts guarantee and service perks. Differentiation: High “After-Sale Customer Service” Differentiation: “Desirable image, prestige and exclusivity.” Differentiation:
“Excellent Firm Reputation” Differentiation: “Manufacturing Consistency” Differentiation:
“Service buyer’s
needs quickly
anywhere in
the world” Differentiation:
“Technological superiority” Manual Labor Businesses Governments Manufacturers of:
Steel, Rubber, Plastics, Component parts Komatsu, Sany, John Deere, Volvo, Cummins,
Doosan Infracore, LiuGong VS. Resources Capabilities Core Competencies Value Chain Caterpillar, John Deere, and Komatsu have relatively similar long-term goals; however, Caterpillar is poised as the overall market leader, operating in more industries and with a considerably larger scope than its competitors. This market position allows Caterpillar to achieve greater efficiencies in production and distribution while its competitors must expand into additional markets and additional industries in order to maintain competitive. Currency Fluctuations Commodity Prices Caterpillar and Komatsu have expanded through acquisition into the heavy mining industry on the assumption that heavy metals and commodity derivatives will increase in price/demand in the future. If this proves true, John Deere will miss out on the opportunity. Questions? 132,000 Employees 8000 Engineers & 350 PHDs 4000 Patents Product design &
Manufacture Huge Dealer Network R&D Global Distribution Complete Simulation Pontoon Excavator
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