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My Career Project on HR Specialists

No description

Isabella Urcia

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of My Career Project on HR Specialists

My Career Project Human Resource Specialist By: Isabella Urcia Career Preparation Characteristics
Needed Education Needed Work Setting Wages
Benefits Employment
Outlook Video Job Description Some characteristics that are helpful when you are an HR specialist are the ability to get along with others, analytical reasoning and the ability to be a voice for others who can not. My personality is friendly and helpful just the type of characteristics most needed in an HR specialist. Additionally, I like to make people happy and this job is supposed to represent an employees interest with management. Traveling to job fairs and colleges sounds like fun aspects of this job.If I feel comfortable about the company and my job duties, I think I will be more confident communicating with other people. In order to be an HR employee, one must have a four year degree(bachelor degree). Individuals who have a high school diploma may qualify for HR positions however, prior work experience is necessary. In order to earn your full salary potential as an HR specialist, you need to work 8-10 years on the job. HR specialist who go on the earn a masters degree or doctorate reach their full earning potential earlier. To be successful as an HR employee, you should study business or coursework that gives you an understanding of human behavior. Also, if you get a job in the compensation department it is helpful to have a background in law, psychology and labor relations. Understanding business or economics aids HR Specialists when designing compensation plans. Taking courses in Microsoft produces (word, excel) while in High School will prepare you for more advanced coursework in college. Additionally, psychology, languages, and statistics courses are all helpful classes to aid you in understanding the concepts faced by HR professionals daily. Business schools or Liberal Arts educations at any four year college or University is where you can get the education you need. An HR specialist spends most of their time in an office. But, if you are employed in Recruiting, an HR Specialist has an opportunity to travel. Recruiting events occur at various colleges and job fairs. The goal of recruiting departments is to meet new people who are thinking about joining your company. Generally HR specialists work 45-50 hours per week full time. The job can be stressful when employees are unhappy about a company's policy and procedures or when you are faced with a deadline. Having to be indoors all day sitting at a desk would be one thing I would not like about this profession. The average salary of an HR Specialist is $54,000. Entry salaries start at around $29,000. An experienced worker can earn up to $73,490-$94,700. Larger companies offer HR specialists insurance, sick leave, and paid vacation. According to the Us News and World Reports, the field of HR is growing. Many companies decreased their workforce of HR professionals during the recession; however, they are now staffing up. Given that the field is growing rapidly and that I have the ability to make close to $100,000 I see this occupation providing me with enough income. Many companies decreased their workforce of HR professionals during the recession; however, they are now staffing up. Jobs for HR Specialists are expected to grow about 20% until 2020. HR departments try to get the best people to join their organization. Great people help organizations perform better than their competitors. HR specialists are responsible for figuring out what benefit plans should be offered to employees as well as ensuring the company complies with government laws and regulations. Additionally, compensation specialists analyze how much people should be paid for the work they do. HR Generalists make sure employees understand their benefits and that they work in a safe environment. HR Professionals are required to know how to use a computer easily. Also, HR professionals can be found in all different types of industries throughout the world. How To Be an HR Specialist First, you must earn a Bachelor's Degree. By: Isabella Urcia Personally the role of an HR specialist sounds both interesting and challenging. I enjoy talking to people, providing advice, and learning what motivates others. Representing an organization in hiring the most talented individuals would be an exciting occupation. I plan on attending a four year college like UVA, Virginia Tech or James Madison which all offer a business or liberal arts education which should prepare me for a job in HR. Additionally, I hope to get work experience while in college at the admissions office so as to have on-the-job training. Traveling to job fairs and colleges recruiting associates will be fun! Personal Assessment Work Cited

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