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Advantages and Disadvantages of 3D

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Julia Sarapova

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Advantages and Disadvantages of 3D

Advantages and Disadvantages of using 3D technology 3D is a new technology which allows to make and watch videos, movies, TV shows in 3-dimensional space. What is 3D? Marketing companies may use 3D modulation and animation to create more attractive and eye-catching adverts for their products. With the help of 3D technologies companies may demonstrate their products in more details 3D technology for businesses Companies selling 3D TVs:
Toshiba Companies using 3D technology for their products A lot of companies use 3D effects for adverts
With help of 3D technologies, company may create an illusion of product jumping out of screen
Marketers use 3D to advertise their products and make them look attractive
Movie makers use 3D technology to make 3D movie
Electronic companies sell 3D TV as innovation
Advantages of 3D technologies Disadvantages of 3D 3D is an expensive technology
All products and services based on 3D are more expensive
Example: 3D movies are much more expensive than 2D and  this affects ticket prices
Example: 3D screen is more expensive that LCD or HD screen
Health concerns (people are concerned about possible effects on vision) Cinemas get huge profits from selling tickets for 3D movies
More and more people prefer 3D technologies over traditional 2D
3D movies are more realistic and more entertaining 3D cinema Conclusion 3D glasses Definition of 3D
Effects (3D could be used not only for video effects, but also for animation)
Gaming industries
How 3D could be used for advertising and marketing
3D glasses
Benefits of 3D for employees and employers 3D animation 3D effects also could be used for animation
A lot of companies are using advantages of 3D for these purposes Games Such companies as Ubisoft , Blizard and EA games
use 3D technologies to create highly demanded PC, PlayStation and Xbox games
Both game and console developing companies benefit from using 3D technologies Benefits of 3D for employees and employers Employees might use 3D to make impressive presentations with 3D effects
Employers could use 3D effects and animation to present more detailed plans
3D effects might be used by any company to show their products in more attractive way
Potential employees may also use 3D effects to make their online CV look more attractive and interesting B00208474 YouTube Introduction Outline: 1. What is 3D?
2. 3D animation
4. 3D games
5. Marketing and advertising
6. Companies which are making money on 3D product
7. Advantages of 3D
8. Disadvantages
9. 3D cinema
10. 3D glasses
11. Benefits of 3D for employees and employers
12. Summary
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