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Starbucks Presentation

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Mercedes Harris

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Starbucks Presentation

Starbucks Presentation
By: Alexa, Anthony, Kathrine, Aleisha, and Mercedes
Starbucks Goes International
Starbucks Case
Starbucks Going Green!
1. What strategy-making mode does Howard Schultz appear to follow? What are the pros and cons of this approach?
2. Which of Porter's generic competitive strategies is apparent in this case? What are the pros and cons of this strategy?
3. Who is included in Starbucks's business ecosystem? What does Starbucks need to do to maintain a healthy business ecosystem?
4. How does this case illustrate the dynamic strategic management process?
5. How would a SWOT analysis for Starbucks look?
6. What valuable lesson(s) did Howard Schultz learn about the strategic importance of social media?
Chapter 5: Ethical Dimension of Management
Chapter 6: Prospectors and Analyzers
Chapter 3: Business Cycles Affect Management

Chapter 5: Ethical Dimension of Management

Chapter 6: Prospectors and Analyzers
Starbucks Background
Starbucks opens their first store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 1971
Starbucks Menu
Frequently Asked Questions
Evolution of the Logo
Secret Menu

Works Cited
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