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Kellin Quinn

No description

Trinity Reeves

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of Kellin Quinn

Married & Child!
Married to Katelynne Quinn
-Married since April 28th, 2013
-dated for 2 years before they got married
-when they met Kellin was 22, and Katelynne was 21
Has baby Copeland!
Copeland Quinn Bostwick
-when she was born she was 7 pounds and 8 ounces
-May 18th, 2012
-Copeland is 1 years old!!
-she went on the *warp tour with Sleeping with Sirens!
Pictures Of Kellin and Copeland:)
"Daddy Issues"
Kellins parents got divorced when Kellin was 3
Kellins father abandend him 3 days before his 4th birthday
Kellin doesn`t use his last name, Bostwick, b/c he says it reminds him too much of his father

Kellin says b/c his father was never there for him, he knows what it is like to not have a dad, so he wants to be the perfect father for Copeland.

He said "I love my daughter so much. I want to always be there for her like my dad never was for me."

Kellin also has a famous quote, which is the one below.
School for Kellin
When Kellin attended school, he wasn`t well behaved.
He one time had a Science teacher who let her class listen to CDs during test and quizzes. So Kellin and his friends got the idea to record the answers and sell the CDs for 30 bucks.
He never had horrible grades, but he said he never paid attention in class.
In high school Kellin got suspended for a week b/c he shot a potato out of a potato gun on the schools football field.
In 10th grade him and his friends started a band called Closer to Closure
Kellin graduated high school in 2008
Not an only child!!!
Two younger sisters
Two older brothers
Very close to family
keeps in touch
family includes his wife and baby Copeland
Kellin Quinn Bostwick
Birthday: April 26th, 1986
30 years old.
Birth Sign: Taurus
1 Child
Singer for Sleeping With Sirens
Lives: Medford, Oregon
Parents: Mary & Jeuse Bostwick
*warp tour:
a big tour where a bunch of singers get together and preform a big show
Kellin Tattoos Meanings
treble clef tattoo on his elbow, eighth note on his left wrist, and bass clef on his right wrist all reprsent his music
lion on his forearm represents his faith
"Before you Serve" on his chest for his religion
a lock on his heart for his wife
Katelynne has a key on her arm, so she has the key to his heart<3

How he was discovered
YouTube of him and his old band: Closer to Closure
1st album - HUGE HIT
after 2nd album the band broke up
After his music
After his music he wants to focus on family
mostly on Copeland
he wants to have more children
Sleeping with Sirens
Band Members
Band Members
Kellin Quinn
Justin Hills
Bass Guitar
Jack Fowler
Lead Guitar
Gabe Barham
Funny pics to end with..
Kellin`s 1st Song
Kellin Quinn
wrote in 7th grade
song was about his dad & how his life changed with out his dad
Kellin <3
My Article on Kellin Quinn
Nineteen-year-old Marie Sowler, who has stage 4 leukemia, found out that her most recent attempt at a life-saving bone marrow transplant failed. Doctors told her she only had days left to live. The teen's ultimate wish was to meet Kellin Quinn, lead singer of the band Sleeping With Sirens.
To get the singer's attention, Friends Are By Your Side, a foundation that helps grant wishes for terminally ill children, uploaded a YouTube video on Thursday on Marie's behalf. Her sister, Michelle, sat with her in the video and said, "Her only dream is to meet you, Kellin."
The magic of social media did the rest. According to Mashable, Marie's video was on the front page Reddit within one hour of being posted, #kellinmeetmarie became a trending topic on Twitter and the Kellin Meet Marie Facebook page has over 3,600 likes.
According to Collingswood Patch, Michelle Fowler posted a text message exchange on Instagram between her and Quinn, setting up a Skype meeting.
Friends Are By Your Side also updated the information to their YouTube video, saying: "Kellin granted this wish just hours after posting this video, thank you Kellin and everyone who shared, prayed, liked, and prayed."

More Funnies:)
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