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Beowulf timeline

No description

Jacob Bonilla

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Beowulf timeline

Jacob Bonilla Timeline of the life of Beowulf. Beowulf hears of Hrothgars plight, and travels to Denmark to defeat Grendel. Unferth challenges Beowulf. He accuses Beowulf of being reckless, cocky, and lucky. He also taunts him about not being a ruler and about losing his swimming contest to Brecca. Then Unferth tells Beowulf that he is going to die. Beowulf battles Grendel. After the battle Beowulf hangs Grendel's arm from the rafters of Herot. Enraged about her son's death, Grendel's mother kills Hrothgar's closest friend, and carries her son's arm back to her home in the lake. Beowulf seeks out Grendel's mother in the lake where she lives. After returning to his homeland, Beowulf eventually becomes king and rules for fifty years. Edgetho kills a Wulfing warrior After the battle with the dragon, Beowulf is fatally wounded. He asks Wiglaf to build a tower in the place where he dies, so that sailors could see it and remember his name. He also requests to see the treasure that he gave his life for. Shortly after Wiglaf returns with his arms full of treasures, Beowulf dies. The Geats say farewell to their king, and build a tower in his memory. Hrothgar pays reparations to the wulfings to appease them. Edgetho is now indebted to Hrothgar. Beowulf has a swimming contest with Brecca. After a dragon menaces his kingdom,Beowulf decides to kill the dragon alone. During the swimming contest, Beowulf was winning. He chose to stay behind with Brecca and not leave him behind. After they got swept apart by a storm, Beowulf slays nine sea beasts. Before the battle, Beowulf requests to be able to fight alone, use no weapons, and for Hrothgar to send his armor home if he dies. Grendel breaks into Herot and slaughters one of Beowulf's men. He then comes to Beowulf who fights back, struggling with Grendel all over the hall as it rang and the roof boards swayed. Beowulf eventually pins Grendel by the shoulder. Desperate to escape Beowulf's hands Grendel tears away from his arm, fatally wounded he runs off retreating to his home in the marsh. Once Beowulf reaches the bottom of the lake, Grendels mother carries him back to her home where Beowulf finds that his sword "Hrunting" can not harm her. Grendels mother tries to stab Beowulf with a dagger but he is saved by his mail shirt. He notices a sword forged by giants hanging on the wall. He then uses it to decapitate both Grendel and his mother. Since Beowulf was past his younger days, he starts to lose his battle with the dragon. All of his followers except for Wiglaf fled and hid. They dishonored the comitatus code by deserting their lord. Wiglaf stays and joins in the battle, and together he and Beowulf slay the dragon.
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