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Different Types of Weathering

No description

Aidan Smith

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Different Types of Weathering

When Chemical reactions dissolve or alter rocks Mechanical Weathering Ice Wedging When rocks are broken apart by physical process Plants and Animals Causing Weathering Plants and animals can cause weathering. Animals such as voles burrow. Animals Plants When Plants grow
their roots grow and break apart the sediment in which they are growing. Natural Acids Research Different Types Weathering Mechanical Weathering Files Chemical Weathering Files The Mechanical Weathering
process that occurs when water
freezes inside cracks in rocks.
As the water turns to ice, it expands
and pushes against the of the crack.
That causes the rock to fall apart. Property of Aidan Smith By Aidan Smith How Climate Effects Weathering Climate is the pattern of weather
over an area over a long period of
time. If the climate over an area is
very cold, there can be ice which
means that there cam be ice
wedging. Chemical Weathering is faster
in warm weather. . Carbonic acid is a weak, naturally formed
acid formed when water reacts with Carbon Dioxide gas in the air or soil.
Feldspar is a mineral found in many rocks.
The Feldspar is broken down to a clay mineral called Kaolinite. It is the end product of Weathering. Plants' role in Chemical Weathering Some plant roots give off acids Those
acids dissolve minerals and rocks. Then
the rocks break apart creating nutrients
for the plants. Chemical Weathering When oxygen causes chemical weathering it
is called Oxidation. It is caused when materials are exposed to oxygen. This is how iron can turn into rust. Oxygen in Chemical Weathering To Do List 1. Breakfast
2.Feed Fluffy
3. Have lunch
4. Present Weathering
5. Take out the trash
6. Relax
7. Dinner
8. Go to sleep . . Vole Plant
Weathering Ice Wedging
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