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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Hamza, Jashan, Raj, Rakin, Keez the Weez

Hamza Usmani

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Andalusia, Spain Tangier, Morocco Pyramids of Egypt Sahara Desert Al-Fayoum Oasis, Egypt The Hero Cycle: Santiago's Journey Known Unknown The Alchemist: Santiago's Journey The Dream Interpreter: THE GYPSY - An old-lady in Tarifa who can interpret dreams by reading the subject’s palms

- She triggered Santiago’s journey towards his Personal Legend

- First risk Santiago took blindly (Pretty cheesy, an old-lady says he is destined for treasure)

- Opened Santiago to what he was truly destined to achieve in his life

- Foreshadowed that Santiago would come across treasure by her offer

- Could be considered his first “present” omen The King of Salem- Melchizedek - An old man who claims to be the King of Salem in Tarifa
- First character who seems to have magical qualities

- Second risk for Santiago

- Gives Santiago the final push to believe in personal legends

- Plays an important role throughout Santiago’s journey (Personal Legend, Soul of the World) The Crystal Merchant - An old cautious man who has given up on his personal legend

- Believes fulfilling his personal legend would give no purpose to his life after “Nothing to live for”

- Significance: he helps to provide Santiago with food, shelter, and is understanding when Santiago loses everything

- Inspires (even commands) Santiago not to give up on his Personal Legend The Englishman - Significant in Santiago discovering the Universal Language and the Soul of the World

- Pushes forwards to his Personal Legend, as he connects the Soul of the World and realizes its assistance to him fulfilling his Personal Legend

- Presents obstacle through books

- Santiago overcomes this obstacle by putting what he knows through observation and connecting with the world, together with what the books attempt to teach him The Love of His (Short) Life: Fatima The Alchemist - The Alchemist mentored Santiago in the ways of Alchemy, and in understanding the Language of the World, as well as understanding oneself

- The Alchemist forced Santiago to think in a way which he had never done so

- The Alchemist proved to be an exceptional mentor for Santiago in a way, as he pushed him to his limits

- The Alchemist claims that Santiago will turn into the wind

- Demands Santiago to rise to the challenge

- Teaches Santiago the true value of objects (gold is an example) - Fatima poses one of the greatest obstacles in Santiago’s journey: love

- Santiago almost decides to give up on his Personal Legend and settle down with Fatima

- This truly test Santiago’s willpower, if he is willing to give up love to fulfill his destiny

- Fatima says she will always wait for him

- This signifies the bond the two share, foreshadows the happy ending of Santiago’s journey, a long, healthy relationship

- Something to return to after he comes back across the “threshold” again The Camel Driver
- A man who had been doing farming his entire life, but was became a camel driver when the Nile overflowed and destroyed his crops

- Very realistic attitude, tells Santiago that the unknown is not to be worried about as long as he achieves what he wants and needs

- Further ingrains concept of “Muktub” : Live in the present

-Also repeats concept “Enjoying the wonders of the world, but not forgetting the two drops of oil”

- Reinforces the importance of omens in fulfilling ones destiny, talks about witnessing the future on rare occasions - The obstacle of completing his quest, his Personal Legend

- The obstacle of potential failure SPAIN MOROCCO EGYPT
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