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Play Jacks

No description

Cody Krato

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Play Jacks

Play Jacks
Step One
Step two
Two or more players sit in a circle or across from each other and toss the ten jacks.
Step Three
Decide which player goes first by throwing all the jacks into the the air and catching them with hands held together, palms down, and thumbs touching and whoever gets the most gets to go first.
Step Four
Toss the ball in the air and pick up a single jack before the ball hits the ground.
Step Five
Repeat step 4 until The player picks up all 10 jacks.
Step Six
Toss all the 10 jacks back and this time pick up two at a time.
Step Seven
Continue to increase the number of jacks you pick until all ten are picked up in one.
Step Eight
The next player takes their turn when you miss the ball of don't pick up the correct number of jacks and begin where you left off.
Step Nine
The player with the highest number of jacks at the end of the game is the winner.
Why and where
Jacks was created as a form of entertainment for young children. Children were probably taught this game from their parents.
Sit on the ground inside or out.
By Cody Krato
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