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Fitting in.

No description

Valentina Porta

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Fitting in.

Native American writer Sherman Alexie
“Blends elements of
popular culture, Indian spirituality, and the drudgery of poverty-ridden reservation life
to create his characters and the world they inhabit.”
Historical background

-Early history.
-Native Americans in the USA and the Europeans.
-The 20th Century Native Americans
Native American Literature.
Sherman Alexie
Born in 1966 into a Spokane / Coeur d’Alene Indian family in Spokane, Washington.
Native American poet, short-story writer, novelist, and screenwriter.
Dark humor and ironic wit.
Deals with the negative influence of alcoholism and poverty present in his reservation.
Gives voice to the anger that results from media distortion of Native American culture.
evoke sadness as well as respect, compassion and understanding by means of the author’s use of humor and pop culture.
Indians living in a white community.
Rejection to Native people
Attitudes and personalities
Ironic titles
Native American History
Readers can appreciate not only the relationship Native's have with the world and the land, but also their spirit and the feeling of alienation they experience in a world that seems "reserved" for the white.
“one of the groups into which people in a society are divided according to their family background, education, job, or income.”
“the process of becoming a full member of a group or society, and becoming involved completely in its activities”.
"Thirty-seven cocktail parties, eighteen weddings, one divorce, seven Christmas parties, two New Year's Eve parties, three New Year's Day parties, nine birthday parties, six opera performances, nine literary readings, twelve museum openings, one museum closing, three ballets, and thirty-two films."
“Occasionally he could not stand to see his friends from high school, and more and more their voices and faces were painful to him. He began to ignore their greetings, act like he had never seen them before and walk past them.”
“When asked, my mother told white people she was Spanish, not Mexican, not Hispanic, not Chicana, and certainly not Spokane Indian with a little bit of Aztec thrown in for spice, even though she was all of these things.”
"‘Well, adopted kids have so many problems adjusting to things, you know. I’ve read about it. They have self-esteem problems. I just think, I mean, don’t you think you should find somebody more appropriate?’”
“Fucking urban Indians in your fancy fucking clothes. Fuck you. Why don’t you just get in your BMW, that’s what you drive, enit?”
“If John happened to be a little frail, well, that was perfectly understandable, considering his people’s history. All that alcoholism and poverty, the lack of God in their lives.”
“As for me, I’d told any number of white women that I was part Aztec and I’d told a few that I was completely Aztec.”
“When John imagines his birth, his mother is sometimes Navajo. Other times she is Lakota. Often she is of the same tribe as the last Indian woman he has seen on television”
“We [Indians] have to worry about having enough to eat. What do you have to worry about? That you’re lonely? That you have a mortgage? That your wife doesn’t love you? Fuck you, fuck you. I have to worry about having enough to eat.”
“In the bathroom he would lock himself inside a stall and fight against his anger. He’d bite his tongue, his lips, until sometimes they would bleed. His arms, legs and lower back tensed. His eyes closed tightly. He was grinding his teeth.”
“When I went out carousing with my fellow lawyers, I ended up in fancy hotel lounges, private clubs, and golf course cigar rooms.”
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