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LTRE 701 online one vision building

No description

Sarah Mumm

on 10 September 2016

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Transcript of LTRE 701 online one vision building

Do you have a vision?
Consider how education has changed...
Post in your journal with the title "Educational Change" the following:
1. What is the biggest educational change in your opinion and why?
2. How might a literacy leader assist in the change process?

-Reflect on chapter 1
-Consider the use of the following:
1. Visually engaging text
2. Strong narrative in the story
3. Informational text that offers photographs
4. Supportive pictures
5. Alphabet and number books
-Review the strategies shared
-Post in your journal with the title "Coaching look fors" a checklist of observable actions and things that you would hope to see in group instruction that is supportive of this level of reading
Consider who you want supporting you as a literacy leader.....
1. How would you set a vision/plan to capitalize on the following teacher strengths:
1. Knowledge and expertise
2. Ownership
3. Empowerment
-In your google journal create a section that is called Literacy Vision (you will add to this during the semester)
-Reflect on all the reading thus far and your personal experience
-Begin to draft your literacy vision (this is meant to be a DRAFT that we will return to all semester)
-Be sure to share it with me 10358@kanelenad.org
-At this point include:
1. A SMART goal that you can use to monitor your implementation of the vision
2. Who would be on your literacy team
3. Your role in this process, how will you lead the team
Changing Education Paradigms
Goal One- Pre-Emergent and Emergent Readers
Building Literacy Teams
Draft Your Vision of Literacy
For Next Time...
-Read Toll chapters 3, 4 and the assigned article
-Be prepared to turn in parent/community proposal via email
-Be prepared to share your vision and Goal 2 strategy

Goal Two- Reading Engagement
-Consider how you determine engagement
-Complete one of the strategies to show your own personal ideas, bring this to class
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