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Differences between Mexican and American Music

Spanish Class bro

Evan Lord

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Differences between Mexican and American Music

Mexican and American
By: Evan Lord and Jonathon Murray American Music Mexican American American music can range from Chris Brown’s hit single “Look at Me Now” to Blake Shelton’s country slow song “Honey Bee.”
American music can be a fast, rap song, blues, country, r&b, jazz, barber shop, pop, techno, and rock and roll. Popularity
and Diversity American Music is very big in other countries. Countries that are big fans of American music are The United Kingdom, Australia, India, Canada, as well as Mexico.
The music of the United States reflects the diversity of the country through the variety of styles. Styles like Pitbull’s are very common to be listened to by Mexican Americans. Many African Americans listen to styles like those of Meek Mill and Big Sean's song "Burn." America's
Top 100 America also has the largest music industry in the world. America’s music industry also has the Top 100, the top 100 songs voted for every week. It is a great honor to be on America’s Top 100 list.
America also gets influenced by other countries just as it influenced them. America has had Britain’s Adele on the Top 100, Britain’s Taio Cruz, and most recently, Korea’s Psy on the top spot on the Top 100. Although America has a variety of different countries that Americans like to listen to, they still prefer American music such as Kanye West's song "Clique." Mexican Music Mexican Music is very diverse and has a wide range of genres. Some different types of Mexican Music are Ranchero, Corrido, and Son. Mexican Bands- Mariachi The main different types of Mexican bands are Mariachis, Conjunto norteno, and Banda. Mariachi is the most common band type and is what usually comes to mind when you think about a Mexican music. Mariachi bands consist of trumpets, guitars, and violins. Sometimes you'll see flutes, french horns, accordions, and even organs. The "capital of mariachi" is in Guadalajara. There are generally about five men in a Mariachi band and they will usually dress nicely. Mariachi's golden age was most likely in the 1950s because that's when you would start seeing Mariachi bands in movies. They became popular in the United States sometime in the 1970s. Start at 30 seconds Corrido Corrido has to do with poetry or ballads. These songs are often about heroes or criminals. Some are about love, women, or are just flat out fiction. A lot of them though have turned more modern and now are about drugs, immigration, and labor. Ranchera This is kind of obvious by the name but these songs originated on ranches. These songs are usually sang solo and with guitars, but it is also popular with mariachi groups. They can be about nature, love, or patriotism. The music is very flexible due to easy tempo changes. Some men have written over 1000 rancheras. They have always been a popular style and have adapted to Mexican songwriters all over the world. Son This music developed from a mixture of Spanish music and other genres. This type of music is also popular with mariachi groups and is played with guitars, violins, trumpets, and even accordions. Main type
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