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Killer Plagues

No description

erika steinger

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Killer Plagues

Killer plagues
Lesson EQ: How did your killer plague originate?
Unit EQ: Why are killer plagues such a threat?
Unit EQ: Why are killer plagues such a threat?
Lesson EQ: What makes your killer plague such a threat?
Peer Editing
Exchange your notebook with a partner. You will read that person's paragraphs about symptoms and spreading and answer the following questions.
Image by Tom Mooring
Killer Plagues
Killer Plagues
How did your disease come about? Who is ground zero?
Do Now: Look at your paragraph from yesterday about how your disease spreads. Make sure that it has the following criteria:

Five sentences
Mentions how people can catch the disease
Vocabulary Words
Transition Words
Sensory Details
Vivid adjectives
(Disease name) originated from/when .
Ground zero, or the first victim, .
At first, doctors believed that .
But now, .
Although the disease started with one person, it has now infected
Do Now: Complete the following prompts...
Two vivid adjectives to describe the severity of your plague are and .
Write two sentences using sensory details to describe the symptoms of your killer plague.

What are the symptoms?
How does it spread?
Do the paragraphs have transition words, adjectives, and sensory details?
Are the paragraphs five sentences each?
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