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relay missouri


Pat Agonia

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of relay missouri

HOMLESS children
Bennett Solution Problem Brady
Anderson Bryant Blair 39% homeless

1.5 million homeless children in the United States. raise awareness of the critical need to assist these helpless children by running across the state of Missouri
20 runners who will collectively run 300 miles in three days

Strategies Weaknessess Big River Running Company:
How can you help?

To raise Money for StandUp For Kids

1.3 Million homeless and street kids in America
Why do kids run away?
Abused (physically, mentally, or sexually)


Kicked out

Neglect from parents, due to drug use or prison.

Foster care system ends at 18 1 in every 7 kids will run away
5 kids out of every class room
That’s one kid every minute turning to the streets
That’s over 1.5 Million kids trying to survive on the streets right now
13 kids die on the streets each day…

EVERY SECOND COUNTS Kids aren’t living on the streets…. They're dying According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, one in fifty children in the United States are homeless

650,000 kids under the age of 15 have been living on the streets for over 3 years

42% of homeless children are under the age of six. 
Survive on the Streets:
Do anything they can for food
Sleeping anywhere that’s dry
Sell drugs
Sell themselves
What is this all about?
Cost Estimates:
Bus – $2700
Hotels – $1800
Gas for trail car – $200
Miscellaneous costs – $300

501(c)(3) tax deductible donation
banner on bus
logo on indvidual runners fundraiser page Donate funds for the bus 2700 dollars

Each runner will have his own fundraising webpage

Runner will personalize the webpage and contact friends, family, and others

Raise awareness of the fundraiser and of homeless children Together we can do this! lack of vibrant color to catch attention lots of text Plan to raise money difficultly combining all aspects of the fundraiser and keeping the proposal short
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