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Taking Supervision One Step Beyond with the Use of Online Communities

This prezi was created for my presentation at ABLA 2010.

Carolina Rodriguez

on 30 July 2010

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Transcript of Taking Supervision One Step Beyond with the Use of Online Communities

JULY, 2010 Supervision can be an
enlightening and
fruitful experience.
SUPERVISION, A DANGEROUS THING? What are your beliefs regarding supervision?
Don't worry! You can be totally honest! Discuss with the
person next to you. supervision at CCA-Bogota Academic Performance Compliance with
procedures and regulations Training Survey results special assignments English proficiency professional development SUPERVISION... Co-operative Development EMPATHY HONESTY Supervisors need to be genuine in their
respect and empathy towards teachers. Supervisors need to be open to understanding teachers' positions on different issues.
Supervisors can't underestimate teachers'
abilities and knowledge. Supervision Towards communities of Practice Reflective practitioners Teachers can/should find the way to enhance teaching.
Supervisors should facilitate this process.

What do you think? Would it be possible at your institution? Why? Discuss with the person next to you.
Not every group is a community
of practice A website in itself is not a community of practice.
Wenger, 2006 Members of a community of practice are active practitioners. It is expected that in reflection, teachers
would be able to transcend everyday
experience to imagine things as they should be,
not simply accept things as they are.
(Zeichner, in Adler, 1991) Supervisors can help teachers make this happen! How do you think
this would be
done? Through online communities! Why online communities? BECAUSE THEY ARE... FLEXIBLE INNOVATIVE INTERACTION A new space Thanks a lot!

And...Think about it! LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT ONE OF THESE
COMMUNITIES... http://inspiringteaching.ning.com/ Edge, 1992 And depending on the online community,
the possibilities are unlimited! Some suggested online communities are: www.grou.ps
or even FACEBOOK! And remember, this is an invitation!
It is with your cooperation and hard work
that it can become a reality!!! If you have any questions during your process,
contact me at crbuitrago@gmail.com What online communities do you know?
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