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Training Cuba

No description

SC Travel Adventures

on 7 April 2017

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Transcript of Training Cuba

Recommended hotels
Hotel Comodoro (Moderate)
private bungalows
swimming pool in complex
local shops
Hotel Habana Libre (Deluxe)

modern hotel in Old Havana
one of the largest hotels in Cuba
Hiking Pico Turquino at Sierra Maestra
Hiking tour
8 days
Hiking trough the Cuban cloud forest
Some nights include camping
Hotels in Cuba
New hotels are not being built
more tourists
overbooked 4* and 5* hotels.
Waiting for hotels can take a while...
Average wait time: up to 8 days or more in high season

Starter Package
What's included?

Havana City Tour
Salsa Lesson
Accommodation options:
Hotels: Plaza, Comodoro,
Habana Libre
Casas Particulares.

Your incoming tour operator in Cuba and Central America.

Why Sprachcaffe in Cuba?
Biggest private tour operator in Cuba

Operational Headquarters in Havana, Cuba
80 employees including operational staff, specialized guides, language and dance teachers.
Own school of local guides
Specialist in cultural adventure and vivencial tourism

Satellite offices in Holguin, Trinidad and Vinales

Own allotment rental car fleet, casas particulares and hotels

Only operator with more than
300 bikes

Only tour operator with new comfortable tents allow to do hiking trips

Language & Dance school in Havana

More than 15,000 clients per year, Germans, Scandinavians North Americans, Italians, French, Spanish,British.
How Cuba operations work
Fidel/Raul Castro

Minister of Tourism
Gaviota, etc

Private incoming like Sprachcaffe

Casas Particulares
Recommended hotels
East Cuba
Book services as far in advance as possible and recommend dates where is easier to comfirm if its possible
Why travel to Cuba Soon ?

Embargo with US means since 1960 no development in Cuba - Limited services; but this made the local culture unique and not contaminated by the globalization

but now...
...and soon...???
Americans are coming!
Spotlight on : Casas Particulars

Cuban Reality
Cuba has a
culture compared with the rest of the world - especially Europe

55 years of limited resources and technology
Very limited access to internet/No GPS
Latin Culture:
Different pace and way of life
Why travel to Cuba?
History, Art, Architecture,
Unique social and political experience
Music and Salsa!
And more...!
Rum and cigars!
Nature, mountains, breathtaking valleys...
Eternal sunshine and beaches...
Rich history...
Cuba : A romantic perspective of a revolution, experience unique and one of the few communist systems still existing in the world...
Charming people, very welcoming and tourist friendly
Club Amigo Costa Sur Trinidad (Moderate)
perfect for family vacations
swimming pool
close to city of Trinidad
East Cuba -
Less issues with hotels! (Locations such as Guardalavaca, Baracoa, Santiago)
Who are we?
More availability
Cheap, local culture experience
Best quality of food in Cuba
Confirmed in 1-2 days
Available across Cuba ( Havana-Santa Clara-Vinales- Soroa ( limited)-Playa Larga ( limited)
Tailor - made Holidays
We advise
We design
We deliver
Authentic experiences which match customer's needs.
Rental cars, transfers, hotels, local flights, excursions and more...
Waiting times...
Average confirmation times:
Hotels - 7 to 30 days
Casas - 24/48 hrs
Rental Cars - from 48 hrs to 30 days

Waiting times depend on the season!

High season
: November to April- middle July to end of August

Low season:
May to middle July, September and October

-Red flag:
- overbooked hotels, loads of tourists in high season, longer confirmation times, bookings are more difficult

-Yellow flag:
- resorts beach

-Green flag:
East Cuba and remote beaches or cities
- Less affected yet except for Guantanamo !

Be ready for a unique cultural experience!

Our Team
Areas and services more and less affected

Red flag
4 and 5 star hotels especially in Havana, Cienfuegos, Varadero and Trinidad

Yellow flag
Casas in Vinales and Santa Clara, private transportation, rental car

Green Flag:
Casas Particulares and East cuba

Thank you !!
We look forward to receiving your requests and bookings
It's very important create the right expectation to avoid complaints
What we offer
Availability all year around.

Experienced Guides

Quick enquiry response rate

Customize ability

Guarantee tour departures

Own transportation

Own allotment rental car fleet and bicycle fleet

Language & Dance school in Havana
Highlights of Cuba
Culture, art, history and Arquitecture

Rental Cars
Flat seasonal rate daily

3 providers :
Havanautos (automatics)

Compulsory insurance included in daily rate for Cubacar and Havanautos
For Rex Compulsory insurance to be paid when collecting car

- Tourism has been growing 5 to 10% every year since 2008, because of americans and people scare that Cuba will loose his charm, now it will increase 40 or 60% or more in one year with the same structure of the last 55 years
Havana 1969
Habana 2016

In less than two years tour operators in USA has been growing from nothing to 100,000 tourist, they are paying 3 times more the rate than europeans and have taken best hotels and guides
Trained team, strong operation to makes waiting times a bit faster!

Budget of the Gov of Cuba to invest in renovation and new hotels
The higher demand and lack of services create a challenge, higher rates but lower service level, people will still wants to go before it changes and will want to go even more after the change to see how looks renovate one of the most beatiful cities of the world but now transition times...
- Habana :
Havana, the capital of Cuba, is the largest city in the Caribbean, and one of the most culturally rich urban centres in the world. The city’s appreciation of its glorious colonial past is on display at a dizzying array of castles, cathedrals, mansions and museums. The historic neighborhood of Habana la vieja (Old Havana) is a fascinating UNESCO World Heritage site, with over 900 landmarks, including the Presidential Palace and Cathedral Square.

What to do:

- City tour and explore the city who mix a variety of amazing architecture styles., full of museum and art.
- Vintage car ride
- Active nightlife, there are music shows every night (Casa de la Musica), dancing, take salsa or percussion lesson or learn spanish and live like a Cuban.
- Beautiful beach Playas del Este just 20 km away
- Diving course

Highlights of Cuba

: Cuba’s second-largest city is justifiably proud of its heroes, beautiful plazas and vibrant musical tradition. Proximity to Jamaica and other tropical isles has infused the city with a distinctly Caribbean spirit that is seen in its art and architecture, heard in its music, and celebrated in its exuberant festivals including the Festival del Caribe and the renowned Carnaval

Distance : 1 hr flight or 1,000 km driving from la Habana

Thing to do :
- City tour and explore the city and the famous Castle, Castillo del Moro.
- Active Nightlife with a variety of music shows and festuvals, it's called the city of the music
- Chance to practice or take salsa lesson.

Highlights of Cuba
: has been called “the museum city of Cuba.” The . meticulously preserved town offers a window into the past, from its sprawling colonial palaces and plazas to its remnants of sugar mills and slave barracks from another era
Trinidad’s picture-perfect location, between mountains and the Caribbean coastline, offers an abundance of natural attractions

Distance : Central Cuba 353 km drive from La Habana
( 4 hrs )

Things to do:

- City tour and explore this cozy and colonial architecture city.
- Salsa lesson or practice at the main square every night at main square with live music and locals drinking a mojito.
- Visit and hike Topes de collantes national park mountains
- Visit the beautiful Ancon beach just 17 km away
Highlights of Cuba
: it's a charming waterfront city situated on the bay of the same name. Its picturesque nautical setting has earned it the title, “the Pearl of the South. Diving enthusiasts rave about the reefs along the coastline, where a formation of coral columns known as Notre Dame provides an undersea maze to explore.

Distance : ( Central Cuba) 288 km frm la Habana ( 3 hrs driving )

Things to do :
- City tour
- Boat ride, diving and kayaking
-Visit the famous bay of pigs

Santa Clara: t's a pretty small town but has lots of historical significance since it was the site where che guevara ambushed a train full of munitions bound for Havana. The ambush was the deal breaker for the triumph of the revolution

Distance ( Centrak Cuba) 300 km driving from la habana

Things to do :

- Che Guevara statue and mausuleum

Highlights of Cuba
The Viñales valley is encircled by mountains and its landscape is interspersed with dramatic rocky outcrops. Traditional techniques are still in use for agricultural production, particularly of tobacco.

Distance : West Cuba Central Cuba - 170 km form habana ( 2 hrs driving )

Things to do

- Visit and hike the famous unique mogotes
- Visit Tobacco farms
- Cueva del Indio


it's called Rainbow of Cuba. Soroa fall is located in Pinar del Rio biosphere natural reserve

Distance : West Cuba on the way to Vinales 90 km ( 1 hr )

Thing to do: Hiking and Birdwatching

Highlights of Cuba
Central Cuba
Varadero: Full of all inclusive village resort high density of tourist ( 145 km)
Cayo Santa Maria: All inclusive Resort ( 392 km)
Cayo Coco & Cayo Guillermo: All inclusive Resort (500km)
Cayo Santa lucia :All inclusive Resort( Diving - bull shark site)
( 692 km)
Playa Larga (All inclusive Resort Homestay, limited but possible) (175 km)

Cayo Levisa :Only one hotel small ( hard to confirm but most beatifu beach ( 200 km plus boat) arrive early to get it!
Maria La Gorda: Only one hotel ( diving ) (307 km)

Baracoa: Hotel or casas particulares ( 994 km)
Humbold National Park close by
Guardalavaca: All inclusive Resort ( 791 km )

Higlights of Cuba
Sierra Maestra: A spectacular showcase of flora and fauna, and a great diversity of unusually colorful bird life. The mountain range features the highest points of the island, with Pico Turquino standing at (1,973 mts, plus the history of the rebels hiding there during the revolution.
Distance: East Cuba- 800 km from Habana and close to Santiago and Holguin airport ( 1 hr flight) from La Habana
Option 1

Private customize group trip( Family ) 5+ Private transportation including guide during the hole trip

Option 2
Private customize group trip (1 to 4)

Two options:

a) Private transfers point A to B without guide

b) Rental car

c) Public bus ( recommend the client to do it on site )
Combination of highlights
Depending how many days its possible to combine culure, nature and beach sites and how many areas areas they can visit, west, central and east

Family : Beach - Culture - Nature / west-central-east
Solo traveler: Culture- Nature - Beach / central-east-west
Adventure traveler: Nature- Culture and Beach / east-west-central


Family week trip :
a) 2 nights Habana - 1 night Vinales- 2 nights Trinidad - 2 nights Varadero ( Santa Clara on the way from Trinidad to Varadero
b) 2 nights Habana, 5 Nights Cayo Coco, Guillermo or Santa Maria

Adventure two week trip
2 nights Habana - 2 nights Vinales - 3 nights Trnidad - Camaguey- 2 nights Sierra Maestra - 2 Nights Santiago- 3 Nights Baracoa flight habana for last night before departure
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