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The Honest Truth

No description

Emily M.

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of The Honest Truth

The Honest Truth
By: Dan Gemeinhart
Evaluation/ Recommendation
This was an incredibly emotional novel. The words may not be pretty, or poetic, but they find a place in your memory anyways. It's an easy read because you'll never want to put it down. I recommend
The Honest Truth
to people who are between the sixth grade and eighth, because many different age levels will like it.
Mark is dying, and he knows it. Every dying man deserves a dying wish, right? So, Mark decides that his dying wish is to climb a mountain. Specifically Mount Rainier. He runs away from home with a camera, his dog Beau, a train ticket that he bought online, pills, "climbing gear", a notebook, and a pen. Another thing, Mark likes writing haiku poems. On his way to Mount Rainier, Mark takes pictures of memories, and writes his emotions and people who help him into haiku poems. Yet, time for Mark is running out. His cancer is always there, and now it's starting to win. Will Mark make it to Mount Rainier, or will his cancer kill him in the process?
The mountain was calling me. I had to run away. I had to.
The genre of this book is realistic fiction, because anyone can get cancer, and technically anyone can run away to climb Mount Rainier.
Main Characters/Setting
Mark- protagonist, has cancer, ran away to climb a mountain
Jess- protagonist, Mark's best friend, trying to keep his secret
Beau- Mark's dog who's climbing a mountain with Mark
Police- antagonist, trying to find Mark and bring him home
Cancer- antagonist, trying to kill Mark
Page One
The point of view is third person omniscient.

Example: She chewed and she thought, and it all came together with the taste of her lost friend's favorite dinner in her mouth. (page 188)
The main settings are Mark's house, Jess's room, and Mount Rainier.
Figurative Language
Thunder rumbled, and a rainy gust of wind tugged at his jacket collar.

(personification, page 109)
Theme/ Realistic Elements
The theme would be that the truth isn't always nice, but it's never wrong, and you can certainly depend on it in the worst possible situations.
The (technically) realistic elements of the story would be that a guy has cancer, and he's going to a real mountain.
Lexile: 550
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