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Business in France

No description

Niki Wilhelm

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Business in France

Business in France
General Information
Official name is "French Republic"
Located in Western Europe
Capital is Paris, the "city of lights"
Known for its wine, cheese, and the Eiffel tower
World's leading tourist destination
France is very densley populated, Paris is 120% more populated than Toronto
on the Surface
On the surface, business men and women in France may seem cold and unaffectionate. They may also come off as rude, arrogant, or stuck up. In reality, the French are loving, family-oriented. They also enjoy the art of conversation and to entertain
French are very private with their relationships
Friendships come with strict roles and responsibilities and requires frequent, if not daily contact
Family provides both emotional and finical support and has strict roles
Despite being known for romance, they are practical with marriage
French have few children, however parents take their roles very seriously
French values include:
Respect for authority
Both fashion and cuisine are two very important aspects to French culture. These are used as representations of oneself, so make sure you dress formally and have a mature taste in food
Also, the French love to hold social gatherings and converse as forms of entertainment
France is in the Central European time zone. This means that they are 6 hours ahead of us.
Work Benefits
France residents have an abundance of work benefits, which include:
Minimum 5 weeks paid vacation a year, even when working part time
If you work more than 36 hours, the money is carried over to paid vacation days
Unlimited sick days
Medical attention is free
Government pays 65% of days off and 35% of days off that are a result of a serious medical illness

Although these benefits seems nice, in order to accommodate them, the French pay very high taxes.
Republic Government: a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of the citizens entitles to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them
Fashion is held with very high importance in France. Men should wear dark-coloured suits for the initial meeting. Women should wear either business suits or elegant dresses in soft colours. Both men and women should always wear high quality accessories.

French is the official language of the country, and is the first language of 88% of the population.
Language is held with high importance. It is seen as insulting if basic phrases are not used
Before meeting for the first time, its smart to learn basic French
Body Language and Conversation
Sit with legs crossed and feet on the floor
Toothpicks, nail clippers and combs are not used in public
Keep hands out of pockets
Do not yawn or scratch
DO not slap your open palm over a closed first, it is considered vulgar
Have good posture
Maintain eye contact
Keep in mind personal space
Never use the "OK" sign, it is considered rude
Major Imports
Major Exports
Machinery and equipment
Ores, slag and ash
Aircraft and aircraft parts
Specialized instruments
Wood pulp/scrap paper
Organic Chemicals
Electronic Components
Dining Etiquette
Cuisine is a very component of French culture, thus it is very important to respect all dining etiquette in France. Three unique rules of dining etiquette include:
1) Always arrive on time, the further south you travel, the more flexible time is.
2) Wait for the host to make a toast before drinking
3) Wipe your plate with a piece of bread after each serving
Thanking and Gift Giving
Flowers should be given in odd numbers (excluding 13)
DO not give white lilies, chrysanthemums, red carnations or any white flowers
Give the highest quality of wine that you can afford
Gifts are usually opened when received
Why we we should invest in France:
France is constantly improving its infrastructure and research & development
France is the second largest exporter in Europe
It is one of the best, if not the best transport network
One of the world's largest export hubs and logistics network
Living in France
Getting There
Flight: a round-a-bout direct flight from Toronto Pearson Airport to Paris will cost from $996.92-$1,825.01 when departing on January 21, and returning January 28.

Hotel: for one adult, a four star hotel will cost around $300 a night, while a two star hotel will cost about $120 a night when staying in Paris.

Other expenses: A three course meal for two will cost about 58.00 euros, while a cheap meal will cost about 15.00 euros. One pair of jeans runs about 100.00 euros, and a sundress, about 45.00 euros. Taking a taxi for 1 km will be about 1.70 euros.

Cost of Living
Vehicle: 15,000-20,000 euros for the average car

Sports and leisure: Around 60 euros a month

Utilities: 160 euros per month

Groceries: not expensive, one liter of milk costs 0.96 euros

Average monthly disposal: 2,000 euros
1 bedroom apartment in the city center: 670 euros per month
1 bedroom apartment outside the city center: 530 euros per month
3 bedroom apartment in the city center: 1,250 euros per month
3 bedroom apartment outside the city center: 1,000 euros per month
Price per square meter in the city center: 5,260 euros
Price per square meter outside the city center: 3,000 euros
Major Trading Partners
Germany: 19.5%
Belgium: 11.3%
Italy: 7.6%
Netherlands: 7.4%
Spain: 6.6%
UK: 5.5%
China: 4.9%
Things to Know About Shipping
Trade Agreements
World Trade Organization
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
World Bank Group
International Monetary Fund
European Union
Standards and Regulations
Frances puts tax tariffs on all imported goods
Duties levied on non-European countries are moderate
France takes part in many other regulations including import documentation, certificates, U export controls, labeling and marking requirements, and restricted imports
Products that are certified in America usually have to be retested in France as a result of their approach to the protection of the health and safety of consumers and the environment. Although harmonization of the EU legislation can control the EU market, manufactures should remain aware that this may because a major barrier of trade
France follows guidelines from the federal Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act and the Consumer Packaging and Labeling Regulations. The product identity, product net quantity, and dealer’s name and principal place of business must be shown on the product:
A.Product Identity Declaration
B.Net Quantity Declaration
C.Dealer Name and Place of Business
Topics of Conversation
Acceptable topics include: food, television, gossip, sports, family, history, current events, political system

Unacceptable topics: personal political leanings, criticism of Napoleon, personal wealth
Keep in Mind:
France is not a major manufacturing country. Because of this, there are very limited products being manufactured, thus there are no products that are only manufactured in France, and not elsewhere. Manufacturing is not a major in France due to the lack of space that is available. Instead, France is abundant in occupations that have to do with services.
Marketing and Advertising
In the past, France has been very resistant in accepting new ideas and ways of living. They have rejected ideas such as fast food and Disney World. However, with persistence, they will more easily accept these new ideas.
This is an advertisement found from France on the internet. It translates to “Look at my eyes… I said eyes.” It is from an organization called CAP48. Their slogan is “that disability is not a disability, even if we are different.”

This advertisement is one of many ads’ that portray a shocking image, paired with an interesting and inspiring message. Not only is this fulfilling, it is also effective. Since the message is so shocking, it stay in the viewers mind.

Three Popular forms of Advertisement:
1. Television: This form of advertising has a great impact on French consumers. Advertising during sports and in the early evening will reach the most amounts of viewers at once

2. Press: In France, publishing in a newspaper is influential because it allows the consumer to take their own time in responding in any offer given.

3. In Transportation Venues: Advertisements are already commonly found on billboards, at bus stops and in railway stations. However, advertisements on actual modes of transportation (e.g. trains, buses, cars, airplanes) are becoming more common.
Rules on Specific Products:
The Evin Law of 1991 regulates the advertising of alcohol
All advertisements must include " “Alcohol abuse is seriously dangerous for your health.”
All tobacco advertising is illegal according to an E.U. directive and the Evin law of 1991
Regulated by the European Union Directive 2001/83/EC and the Danish Medicines Act
It is illegal to advertise products that are only available for prescription
Other rules
Article L.121-1 of the Consumer Code makes any advertising that may deceive the consumer illegal
Articles L121-8 and L121-9 of the Consumer Code authorizes comparative advertising, however it is regulated very strictly
Other Notable Things About France
France is in a deep debt with healthcare. They gave out too many benefits (e.g. paying for 2/3 of all massages, paying for free taxi rides to hospitals.) They now had to make cuts and changes such as creating a strict quota for Pharmacies, and making a huge raise in taxes.
France enjoys one of the most advances infrastructures worldwide. There are multiple ways of getting to your destination, including air, land, rail and water transportation. There is a total of 31,939 km of rail lines in the country, and approximately 514, 605 km in roads, which are all paved. About 47% of the waters are heavily used, and there are a total of 474 airports in France. It is an understatement to say that France is problem-free, with sophisticated requirements in regards to infrastructure.
All shops close for the month of August. This is an issue for businesses involved in shopping and traveling.
Size relevant to Canada: 18x smaller

Population: 65.7 million (men 78.4% women 85.1%)

GDP per capita: $41,561.57

World Region: Western Europe

Capital City: Paris

Currency: Euro

Climate: Generally cool winters and mild summers. However along the Mediterranean, there are mild winters and hot summers.
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