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Redesigning Teaching and Learning in a STEM Society

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A Werder

on 21 July 2014

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Transcript of Redesigning Teaching and Learning in a STEM Society

Burlington-Edison School District
STEM Summer School Goals
Setting up the Summer STEM Camp Program
With $50,000 we set off to set up a two and a half week program for sixty 7th and 8th grade students from two different schools.
Assembling a team of teachers
Redesigning how we teach and learn:

The administrators sought out individuals that were diverse in teaching background BUT similar in flexibility and willing to let go of the control of planning based on "knowledge based curriculum" while allowing for a strong foundation in the design framework and fostering 21st Century Skills.
As a team we looked at:
Home Visits-what we learned worked
Have someone that knows your population come and talk to you about cultural norms-there will be things that surprise you!
ex. take what is offered to you (food, drink, only chair), no notes during conversation
only give a few options of days (3-4) but be flexible on time
always have at least two people
have an interpreter but look at the parent not interpreter
plan for 25 minutes but have time for more
call before you come to remind the parents of the meeting
keep it light and simple
"What are your hopes and dreams for you child?"
"What can we do to help support that?"
notice their "funds" and relate them to things you might study. Show the importance of what the family has to offer to learning.

10 Amazing Days with the Kids
Be flexible and Ready to make Changes
Connecting 21st Century Skills and BERC Group Audits
Our Major Shifts
In Teaching and Learning
Be flexible - let go of micromanaging around the subject & be a co-learner who supports and encourages curiosity, exploration and rigor.

home visits - all eight teachers are now strong supporters
family support - feels like a safe place for all parties (collaboration & team building)

Inner-district support among teachers in different schools (communication)

A need to use the design process in content areas we teach (curiosity & exploration)

Students & staff are PUSHING for changes in technology access and variety in class offerings and finding ways to make it happen (critical thinking)

We have new ideas on how to get out of the classroom or bring the world to the classroom for little to no money (curiosity & exploration)

A connection between core classes - rigor - and the future (critical thinking)
Suucess stories
Redesigning Teaching and Learning in a STEM society
Burlington-Edison's Summer STEM Experience
The director of Special Programs, Meagan Dawson, and Teacher/Administrator, Mary Elizabeth Pearson, wrote and received the University of Washington RISE UP grant to create a ten week summer school program
Learn more about our RISE UP families and maintain connections with students and families over the summer.
Do home visits and relate what we learn from the families to STEM fields, families' Funds of Knowledge, and careers in STEM in our community.
Connect this learning to Rigor and Curiosity in the classroom and goal setting for the future of each student.
May-Recruit and hire eight teachers
June-Coach/teacher three days of planning
June-Distribute and collect applications of Summer Camp
June-Participants & teachers at after school event
July-60 home visits and set up bus route for kids
August-STEM Summer School Camp - ten days
August 26th-Students presentations for the community

What are 21st century skills? How do we teach these skills? How do we measure these skills?
What is STEM?
Why are we focusing on STEM Skills? Where can STEM be found in our community?
What are Funds of Knowledge? How are they important to our school and program?
Critical thinking
Collaboration & teamwork
Curiosity & exploration
Communication (oral & written)

This needed to be asked over and over!
Be transparent &
something the kids
could answer and speak to.
Design Process
Gonzales, Moll, Amanti
Funds of knowledge refers to those historically developed and accumulated strategies (e.g., skills, abilities, ideas, practices) or bodies of knowledge that are essential to a household's functioning and well being.
The underlying assumption of many educational institutions has inaccurate perceptions:
language disadvantages and deficiencies
lowered academic expectations
valuable communication comes from teachers and is given to parents
The research model has shown that classroom practice can be developed, transformed, and enriched by:
identifying and documenting existing knowledge and strengths
communication FROM family to teacher
understanding funds are abundant and diverse-may include areas such as farming, animal husbandry, construction, trade, automotive repair, business, and finance.
acknowledging that they are rich in social and intellectual resources
sharing the linguistically and cultural diversity
expressing that these funds are pivotal and transformative shifts for teachers and the classroom
Lessons at the Kitchen Table by Margery B. Ginsberg
Know you population!
*we found that we did
not want to take notes
until after we left the home.
Janicki Industries
composite tooling suppliers
design and engineering
Daily plan-
We provided breakfast and lunch through the Summer Meal Program

AM- Activity/team building, reflection on STEM learning, field trip, or guest speaker

PM- Share what you learned small project/presentation, write in journals, final project work time, or finish long field trips
Field Trips
Boeing Museum of Fight
Washington State University
Extension Center
Whatcom Falls Fish Hatchery
Activities and Speakers
Black Pool Studios - animation and movie design
County Planner - Civil Engineer
Jay Dry- Skagit planning and building - rebuilding the I-5 Bridge
Musical engineering and small business - DJ
Art and mathematics, Kate Donaldson- repeating pattern design

All Day Workshop - What a Shift
Options and choices- real-world experiences
Presented By: Arie Werder

Redesigning Teaching and Learning
in a STEM Society

Entry questions:

What are you most interested in learning about today?

Why did you pick this session?

Burlington-Edison's Summer STEM Experience
Build the tallest free standing tower possible in 5 minutes
Use the supplies provided.
Can it stand on its own for 30 minutes or longer?

What kind of conversations are you having?
Re-build Your Towers using the Design Process
Take 5 Minutes
take a gallery walk?
use the design process worksheet to focus on your relationships, thinking, and learning
What "Funds of knowledge" do you bring to the group that can help this process?
Share it!
Take 3 to rebuild your tower! GO!
Students Present to the Community
Day 11
Guest Speakers
Community STEM scavenger hunt
Tower building- The Design Process
iPad use- image download, Edmodo, Explain Everything
Bridge building
Galley walks for STEM careers
Team building: human knot, card games, STEM tic-tac-toe

Two blocks of two and half hours with 45 minute sessions - all presentations ran at least twice:

Geologist- the science and getting a job in the industry (Skype)
NASA experiencing and testing satellites (Face Time)
Stanford Grad student - cancer research (Skype)
Nursing (guest speaker)
One Bucket Project - sustainable food and soil testing (teacher)
Robotics and Janicki Industries (guest speaker)
Architect - design a stadium (guest speaker)
Tesla - electric cars (Skype)
Gaming and computer design (guest speaker)
The following year:
Grades are going up
in core classes
New STEM classes in the high school and three elementary schools that had teachers involved in the program
ED-Tech Innovators
Cohort 1
Exit Questions:
Think - Pair - Share:
Looking at the Design Process, what can you take from today and use to SHIFT your Teaching and Learning in your classroom/building/district?
Please fill out an exit slip and share:

ONE thing YOU learned today
ONE thing YOU can take back with you
Thank you!
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