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AP Bio Scavenger Hunt

No description

Kevin Cheung

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of AP Bio Scavenger Hunt

Adaptation K Strategist SPERM Bilateral Symmetry Ectotherm Anther and Filament of Stamen Ada Huang, Christy Leung, Yuta Kakutani, and Kevin Cheung AP Biology Scavenger Hunt Long Day Plant Fermentation C4 Plant Hermaphrodite Hydrophilic Amniotic Egg Recessive Phenotype Unicellular Organism Seed Dispersal Flower Ovary Xylem Epithelial Tissue Predation Genetically Modified Organism CONE NO GYM Autotroph Asexual Reproduction
(probiotic bacteria) Analagous Structures Enzyme Redox Reaction Endotherm proton ATP synthase ATP Gymnosperm Cone five fingers!! :O different types of teeth adapted for a varied diet WINGS!
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