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Down Under

No description

DNL Staff

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Down Under

Fairfield University

Joan Overfield

University Librarian & Director of Library Services

Fairfield's core curriculum is one of the most comprehensive in the country. Its primary role is to encourage students to become versatile, multidisciplinary thinkers who develop lifelong habits of the mind - to connect learning across subjects while in college and beyond.

Fairfield's University Plan
places Jesuit and Catholic Mission and Identity at its center.

Four Major Objectives are Identified:
1. The facilitation and continued integration of all programs and activities related to our Jesuit and Catholic Mission.

2. An intellectual and spiritual investigation of the Catholic and Jesuit heritage.

3. A link from this heritage to real world issues of social justice so critical to the teachings of the Church.

4. An innovative program specifically for students to examine their sense of calling and mission in their personal lives and career choices
Fairfield University, founded in 1942,
is one of twenty-eight Universities and
Colleges founded
by the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits)
in the United States.
By integrating living and learning, and combining a broad liberal arts foundation with professional preparation, our students graduate with the tools, confidence, and vision to put their unique gifts to work as successful global citizens for the benefit of their communities and the world.
Shoreline and Train line

Connecticut's Only Jesuit University

Unique Approach to Learning

Community Involvement:

Sophomores can choose among three residential college experiences Examining questions of:

Community, Identity, and Vocation.
An intentional living experience
Specialized courses
Integrative seminars
Mentoring programs
Related events

Fairfield University offers students from
other college &universities
semester, year, short-term study abroad experiences in:
Florence, Italy; Managua, Nicaragua;
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania;
Aix-en-Provence, France;
Brisbane, Australia; and Galway, Ireland.
Campus sustainability
includes an on-campus garden...

Run by students.
The Energy Dashboad gives real time info
about energy consumption around campus.
Vocational Exploration
Civic Engagement
Each provides:
We Educate the Whole Student- Body, Mind and Spirit.
Pathways to Learning
International Programs
Students Who Enroll Cite:
DiMenna-Nyselius Library
Undergraduate Students: 3,300 Graduate Students: 1,300

University Schools:
College of Arts and Sciences
Charles F. Dolan School of Business
School of Engineering
School of Nursing
Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions

Undergraduate Profile:
Receiving Academic Scholarship: 34%
Receiving Financial Aid: 70%
AHANA Students (African American, Hispanic, Asian,
Native American): 16%
*SAT Scores of Middle 50% Admitted Students: 1690-1910
*ACT Composite Score of Middle 50% Admitted :
Students 25-28
Fast Facts
Student to Faculty Ratio: 11:1
Faculty Holding Highest Degree in their Field: 91%

Undergraduate Majors: 41 Interdisciplinary Minors: 16

Graduate Programs: 41 Study Abroad Programs:
Over 100 approved programs

NCAA Division 1 Athletic Teams: 20 Number of Club Sports: 17

Student Clubs and Organizations: 80 Fulbright Awards: Over 60 students awarded this prestigious award since 1993

Of the Class of 2011 Survey Respondents:
93% Secured full-time employment, admission to graduate school or to service programs.

44% Found jobs through internships
30% Found jobs through campus recruiting

More Fast Facts
DiMenna-Nyselius Library
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