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ivan loh

on 7 September 2014

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Online Quiz

LAB-based Examination

Paper-based Examination

Existing E-Exam System used in Nigeria

Online Examination System

Use Case Diagram - Client Module
Use Case Diagram - Server Module
E-Examination System
Project Objective and Scope
Problem Statement
Current existing examination system is based on human efforts which consumes lots of effort and time.
1) lecture specify date and venue
2) lecturer have to prepare sets of questions

In paper-based, lecturer needs to print out all the questions papers.
1) Time consuming
2) Costly

LAB-based examination,students need to downlaod questions online and lectures are responsible to monitor the exam.

The E-Examination System must be able to make different sets of questions, easy, user friendly and reliable to use and also provide neccessary options for lecturers.
One of the quickest type of examination
Runs from an internet network server
Don't work on multiple choice question, focus on structured question
Uses Ubuntu as the operating system to develop the whole system
To lower down the cost and human effort for lecturer and students.

All the current examination procedures such as question distribution, answer collection and marking will be automated and done by the system.

Designed for the usage of online examination for students
To make a convenience examination environment for students and lecturers as well.
The system can run on any computer as long as there is an internet access and also have a browser to enter into the website.

Two main modules:
Client module
Server module

Different sets of programming skills are required in this project.
PHP scripts, MySQL database, HTML, C++

New features are needed for the E-Examination System.
Built-in freeze-key

The layout of the examination page will be side-by-side with the question on the left and a built-in C++ compiler coding place on the bottom right and the output of the result will be shown on top right.
Draft interface
Work Flow
Context Diagram
Data Flow Diagram (DFD)
Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD)
The important part while carry out this report is about the existing system and users comment about how the system features must be included.
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