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Addressing NCSU's Racial Climate

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Emily Johnson

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Addressing NCSU's Racial Climate

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Racial Prejudice on Campus

In light of recent events...the community problem we would like to address is racial prejudice on campus.
Community context is the entire NCSU community, including students, staff, and faculty
There appears to be a lack of
racial and diversity awareness
amongst North Carolina State University (NCSU) students, especially after the leak of the “Sullivan Squad” GroupMe messages containing racial slurs.
Root Causes
The Story
September 21st- Keith Scott Shooting
September 23rd- Peaceful Protest by BLM
September 27th- Sullivan Squad Group Messages
September 28th- Email from Paul Nolan and Apology
September 29th- Town Hall
Post Assessment/Global Perspectives Certificate
First Post-Assessment
Second Post-Assessment
Global Perspectives Certificate (GPC)
This NCSU specific certificate could be seen as positive reinforcement for it has various personal benefits. These benefits include:
Standing out to future employers
Faculty Mentor
Promotion of Service Activities
Study of Foreign Language
International Experience

Addressing the Racial Climate at
North Carolina State University

Driving and Restraining Forces
Driving Forces
1. Students affected by the Recent Event*
2. Minority Students*
3. OIED [Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity]
4. LGBT Community
"mob mentality"
"isolation of different racial groups"
"us vs. them complex"
"preferential treatment"
"racially charged words... hurtful or derogatory"
political calendar
race as a social construct
where you grew up
current location
previous generational beliefs
Top 3 Causes:
1. Lack of education and awareness*
2. Lack of exposure*
3. Cultural reinforcement of racial discrimination
*We have the ability to change 1 & 2.
lack of education
races of close
familial beliefs
cultural unawareness
lack of exposure
Root Factor & Goal Statement
Root Factor
Lack of education about:
Racial awareness
Importance of diversity
Provide the educational resources to eliminate the stigma associated with speaking out
Allow people on campus to learn about these issues
Driving and Restraining Forces
Restraining Forces
1. Students that are Opposed to Diversity*
2. Feeling of Apathy*
3. Funding
4. Root Causes (mentioned in previous slide)
Achieving our goal:
Creating a semester-long course taken during a students' first year at State.
Quotes from the Group Message
"...BLM is the cause of all the issues and shit"
"It ain't racist if it's true."
"Bruh we in the private chat you can call a nig a nig"
"Women's rights (which should never happen), black lives matter (they don't), or gender discrimination (even though there's only 2 genders)?"
Cross Cultural Awareness Seminar
Requirement for first year students and undergraduate transfer students
Fall or spring semester
50 minute class per week
3 mandatory classes

Our Use:
Mandatory assessment on day 1 of Orientation
Scores will determine personalized plan for number of diversity events a student must attend
Students must turn in a writing assignment for each event.

Bridging and Bonding ties within cross-cultures and individuals in the NCSU communities
Providing students, and the NCSU community, with a positive racial climate
Discussing the roles of marginalized populations and the majority on-campus and the different sentiments that come along with these roles.
Creating healthy discussion among program participants and break down barriers in which tough conversations can be started within a controlled safe environment.
Cultural Awareness Activities and Opportunities
Evaluation Plan
1. On-campus workshops/events
Requirement: 10
Reflection assignment
Examples: Student organization meetings, guest speakers
2. Off-campus workshops/field trips
Requirement: 2
Reflection assignment
Examples: Cultural landmarks, Historically Black Colleges, museums, etc.

Pre and Post-assessments evaluate students perspectives before and after the class.
Community Psychology Concepts
Social Climate Approach:
Organization of Social Relationships
Encouragement of Personal Development
Maintenance of Change
Collective and Personal Participatory Efficacy
Seven Core Values
i.e. Respect for Human Diversity
1. Meetings with NCSU officials and the administration
2. Obtain funding
3. Degree audit
4. Permission from Global Perspectives Certification
5. Assign teachers to class
6. Design assessments
7. Design class and create times/reserve rooms for time slots
8. Plan workshops
9. Give students assessment/enroll them in class during orientation
10. Create "recommended" workshop list

Mixed-Methods research:
Narratives (qualitative)
Interrupted Time-Series Design (quantitative)
Analysis of Obstacles
There are several obstacles for each of the steps. Some of the more common themes present in most of these steps are:

- this can be provided by asking university for a budget, fund raising, potential community organizations, student tuition, grants
Man Power
- find qualified potential teachers via recommendations from other faculty members and online opportunities
Constructing the Assessment
- referencing other programs and previous assessments that have already been implemented and tested (ie: Indiana University South Bend - Cultural Awareness Program)

1. Pre-Assessment
2. Cross-Cultural Awareness Seminar
3. On-Campus/Off-Campus workshops
4. Post-Assessment
Second Order Change
4 Parts:
September 21st- Keith Scott Shooting
September 23rd- Peaceful Protest by BLM
September 27th- Sullivan Squad Group Messages
September 28th- Email from Paul Nolan and Apology
September 29th- Town Hall
The Story
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