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René Descartes

René Descartes

brian greco

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of René Descartes

René Descartes
By: Brian Greco Born on March 31st, 1596,
in La Haye, France. Young Life Father - Joachim - rich member of the French Parliament
Mother - Jeanne - tragically died when Rene was only one Raised by his uncle and grandmother Attended a prestigious college at age 11.
Fulfilled his fathers wish of having him
become a lawyer by getting a degree in justice
and law. How did he become a mathematician? While in Neurenburg, Germany, he claimed
to have a series of 3 life altering dreams that led
to him finding his true path in life. 1) He was blown around by a large wind while at his college campus. 2) He was awoken by a crash of lightning
and found that his stove was actually sparking. 3) He found a book of ancient Latin poets
by his bedside. He opened it and read "What
path shall I follow in life?" HUH??? Somehow, he concluded that
math and science were the keys
to true wisdom. Mathematical Contributions He spent 20+ years in the Netherlands revolutionizing math. His most famous contribution was the Cartesian Coordinate System. Descartes' Rule of Signs A way to find all of the possible
positive, negative, and
imaginary solutions to the
equation for any line.
ex. f(x)=(x^3)+(x^2)-x+1 - 2 sign changes
f(-x)=-(x^3)+(x^2)+x+1- 1 sign change

Positive Negative Imaginary

These must be even if the maximum number of solutions
for that group was even, and vice-versa.
Imaginary solutions must always be even.
There can never be a negative number of solutions. "Father of Analytical Geometry" Philosophy System of doubting that ideas or objects exist,
unless there is proof of the existence of the object/idea. Didn't trust the senses. His Death At age 53, on February 11th, 1650,
he died in Stockholm, Sweden while
visiting with the queen. Some say pneumonia killed him while
others claim a priest murdered him. If his philosophic ideas had become more
widespread, they could have led others to stop
following God. Works Referenced
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Honors Received His home town of La Haye is
now named Descartes. http://www.amoeba.com/dynamic-images/blog/Charles/rene-descartes.jpg http://www.francemapxl.com/images/france-travel-map.jpg http://thebsreport.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/baby-genius-psa.jpg
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