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NBA goal

Shows what I am going to do to reach my goal as an NBA star

Joshua Kurien

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of NBA goal

How to ge there plan!
Work on Dribbling
Get Fit!
Work on Floater
About 2 feet away from the key release a light airy shot with a soft touch.
Work on Jump Shot
Important: Do not get scared or excited. no matter how good you think you are and and how good your opponent is. FOCUS!
Since You want to become a PG you need to learn how to pass you need to give hard passes that come from your chest. Hard passes that won't give turnovers so that the opponents can't steal and that they create opportunity for our tem to win and that you may get the assits.
Stay active, eat Right Constantly Is the first and Most Important Step
Remember B.E.E.F. B stands for balance (bend knees, shoulder with apart), E elbows (bent elbows 90 degree angle start at waist and go up), E eyes keep your eyes and body toward the basket unless spin shot body still faces basket, E elevate jump and take your shot and the highest point and F follow through (flick wrist after shot to give back spin reach into cookie jar)
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