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katherine Ramirez

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

characters Settings likes/dislikes conflict plot Rucker Blakeslee announces that he is going to marry Miss Love Simpson. This news shocks his family because his wife died three weeks earlier, his daughters Loma and Mary are worried about the gossip the town will make. The town doesn't approve of the marriage. Will goes out to fish and walks across a high, narrow train trestle and nearly dies when a train speeds toward him and survives,the whole town wants to hear his story. Will decides to spend time at the blackeslee home and beings to like miss love ,then her ex-fiancee walks in trying to take her back and kisses her but she sends him off, but Miss Effie Belle Tate, a local gossip, sees the kiss and spreads the news all over town.Rucker takes his new wife to New York and over the time they were there they seemed to come back new people and flirtatious. Will makes a scene by kissing Lightfoot and Will’s parents forbid him to drive the Cadillac for two months. Miss Love and Rucker fall in love, but then later on Rucker gets jumped in a robbery and gets ill with pneumonia and shortly dies not knowing miss love carries their child . CHARACTERS
*Will Tweedy *Campbell Williams
*Rucker Blackeslee *Hosie Roach
*Miss Lou Blackeslee *Loomis
*Hoyt Tweddy *Miss Effie Belle Tate
*Mary Wills
*Loma Williams Aunt Carrie
*Lightfoot Mclendon
*Mary Toy Tweedy *T.R. Cold Sassy Tree * My dislikes on this novel was the ending
because before Rucker died Miss Love
didnt tell him that she was pregnant
with his child. The conflict is that as Will gets older he has to cope with his own emotions. Then later on decides to defend his grandfather in the choices he made but knows when to keep quiet or go his own way. Rucker Blakeslee By: Katherine ramiez
Will Tweddy The story takes place in a small town named "Cold
Sassy" in Georiga. There was a separation beteen
the "mill people" or bule-collar workers. And the
story centers around the merchant families who
run the town. RESOLUTION http://images.search.yahoo.com/images/view http://d.grassets.com/books/1223675895l/306654.jpg CITED SOURCES http://www.cirrusimage.com/Trees/Lauraceae/sassafras_tree.jpg Rucker woos Love in earnest, eventually winning and have a few happy months together. However, Rucker's store is robbed one night and he is attacked and injured. Before he can recover from the injuries, pneumonia sets in and Rucker dies. Love is pregnant, and decides to stay on in Cold Sassy where she will inherit a quarter of Rucker's estate and where she knows his child will be accepted by the family regardless of how they feel about her. *My likes on this novel were that there
was always something new to
suspence the book .Like when Will got caught kissing Lightfoot *Will is a fourteen-year-old boy growing up in cold sassy.
*Will is under a situation on haveing to cope with his grandmothers death and his granfathers new marrige to miss love.
*Son of Mary Wills
*Loves Lightfoot *Wills grandfather
*remarries shortly after his wife passes away.
*Owns the general store in cold sassy. Miss Love Simpsons * A pretty woman who marries Rucker
*Miss Love is a spirited young woman capable of speaking her mind
*Her bravery demonstrates that honesty can improve even the worst circumstances
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