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Copy of Team Work

No description

Karima Amr

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Team Work

What is Team ?!! Effective Communication:

Is a two-way process - sending the right message, that is also being correctly received and understood by the other person/s. Effective communication Do we really know what
we all Do? reading an email thread all the way to the bottom before
forwarding it? Don´t blame others when you drop the ball
(it will happen to everyone) Listening actively ! Get involved! - share suggestions and help, will be
there when there's a need Communicate with your co-workers if something isn't working out! To be an effective
team member... Remember whether the mailing you are about to send adheres to the data protection act? whether the person receiving your communication will feel confident to respond? will the person responding know WHAT they are responding to?

Group of people with various complementary skills,working together towards a common vision

Teams make decisions, solve problems, provide support, accomplish missions, and plan their work.
Teams make action arising out of task interdependency

Members of the team agree on the goal

Members agree that they must work together to achieve the goal

Each member is viewed as having one or more important roles to play to successfully achieve the goal How is a Team Different from a Group or Committee ? Members have a clear goal
There is a plan for achieving the goal
Members are committed to the goal
Members have clear roles
The focus is on achieving results
Members are competent
They achieve decisions through consensus
There is diversity among team members
Members have effective interpersonal skills
They know each other well and have good relationships What are Characteristics of Effective Teams? Team work makes the dream work . Team work is less "me" more "We" . Let's do it is more powerful than "I" do it or "You" do it.
4-Performing What are the Four Stages of Team Development? Team members are introduced and begin getting to know each other
Goals and tasks are established
Generally polite behavior among members
Norms are not understood Forming Members are sizing each other up and may feel more comfortable and voice their views
Members may compete for team roles
May argue about goals or how they should be accomplished
May choose sides against other members Storming Once issues are resolved, agreement occurs around team norms and expectations

Trust and common interests are developing

Roles and objectives are clarified and understood Norming Members make contributions and are motivated by results
Leadership is shared according to members’ knowledge and skills
Norms and culture are well understood
Tasks get accomplished effectively and efficiently. Performing =D let's play Support group member's ideas . Coming together is a beginning Keeping together is progress Working together is success.-------Henry Ford "A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of
himself and his contribution to praise the skills of the others"
Norman Shidle )
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