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Why We Should get a Dog!

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Dani Thompson

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of Why We Should get a Dog!

Why We Should Get A Dog
I think we should get a dog, they can help you in many ways, such as exercise, responsibility, etc. In this prezi, I will be telling you why we should get a Dog!
Why We Should Get A Dog
Exercise/outside time
A dog will teach all of us kids responsibility. We will have to follow a routine , and feed,play,bathe, and take outside for potty breaks.
Mental Health
Studies have shown that having a dog can improve health, and help you live longer. When you are sick, a dog will come sit by you/comfort you. When you are upset or sad the dog will come and cheer you up.
Good Companions
A dog will be your best friend, it will greet you when you come home, play with you, come to fun events with you. Like I said before, they will cheer you up when you are sad.
Where will it stay when we are gone
If we ever can't take the dog with us, there are many places we can give the dog to while we are gone, such as, the neighbors , grandma, the cousins, any friend. Or, if the breeder, or store we bought the dog from, offered care while the owners were gone we could send it there.
When having a dog, it is much more likely that you will not have intruders coming to our house. Also it will make me/us feel safer while home alone. And if there were ever any danger, the dog could bark and warn us.
As you know, dogs need to be walked, but you cant just let them wander down the street by their selves! You have to walk them, so you will be getting exercise by walking down the street with them, also, we will spend more time out side with them, instead of watching t.v or on the computer. I would love to play with them everyday.
You may ave concerns about getting the dog, I have already told you about dog care. I will 100% take care of the dog, feed it and play with it etc. Also I will be willing to pay some of the fees, for food or toys, or anything else. If you are worried about the dog destroying the house or shoes, we should get a dog past the time it was teething. Also, we could get toys, of different textures so it would bite that instead.
dogs perfect for our family
golden retriever
golden retrievers are, kind, playful, intelligent
trustworthy, reliable, and confident, they live
10-12 years. Females can grow up to 56 cm.
They are trainable, obedient , and like to
impress their masters. They are
gentle with kids a great family
dog. (www. dogbreedinfo.com)
labs are outgoing, kind, gentle, intelligent,playful
they live up to 10-12 years, they can grow up to
57cm. They are well behaved and gentle around
kids. Love to swim and be out doors.

beagles are kind, playful, gentle,determined and loving
they live 12-15 years. The beagles are a smaller
dog breed. It's fur is easy to care for so it
doesn't need much grooming. a great family dog
Border Collie
border collies are enthusiastic very smart great with kids,
and playful.They are great watch dogs,and very trainable.
They live about 13-16 years. from the shoulder to the
hip for the female it is about 21cm.
collies are playful, intelligent, easy to train, strong,
and sweet. They live about 14-17 years.
These dogs are very easy to train and good
to be around.
The husky is outgoing,gentle,playful, and intelligent.
They live 12-15 years. They grow about 1 foot and 8in.
they are fun and trainable.

Teddy Bear
Teddy Bears are soft and cuddly they are cute
and playful, they are a small dog breed and very
energetic and gentle, they don't shed as much
as the average dog does
Patterdale Terrier
Patterdale Terriers live about 15-17 years the are a
small dog breed, they are very active and energetic,
but are friendly and good with kids.
German Shepard
They are extremely good with kids, and very energetic.
They are alert and good watch dogs. They are strong,
and good watch dogs. They live 7-10 years. And when
full grown weigh about 40kg.
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