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Pablo Escobar Presentation

No description

Felipe Torres

on 22 August 2015

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Transcript of Pablo Escobar Presentation

Early Life
Pablo Escobar was born in December 1, 1949 in Medellin, Colombia.

He was the 3rd of seven children of a poor family of Medellin.

Began his criminal life after leaving school when he was 16.
Pablo Escobar had
10,000 dead people
under his name!!
Pablo Escobar spent
2,500 USD monthly
in rubber bands to hold
the money together!!
For 1 USD he invested
he had 200 USD in return!!
That is a ROI (Return Of
Investment) of 20,000%!!
Pablo Escobar is the world's most successful drugdealer of all times.

He began his criminal life by stealing cars in the city of Medellin.

Started smuggling drug into Panama when he was 18. Pablo then went very deep into the drugdealing business and started to intimidate or murder his competitors.
Did You Know?
Pablo then became the biggest monster in Medellin earning thousands of dolars diary.
To cover the real truth about where the money came from, he entered politics in Colombia and by intimidation and by paying "sweateners" he became a congressman in Colombia. (Altough he occupied that charge for a short time).
After being expulsed from politics, the law started to chase him but for that moment Don Pablo controlled everything in the country.
He had planes and 2 submarines that transported drug from Colombia to USA and came back loaded with money.
After Pablo heard about the extraditation to USA he turned himself into justice with "some" conditions.

By that time Pablo was so rich that he had the biggest farmhouse in Colombia with an extension of more than 9 squared miles!! It had a zoo with exotic animals inside; including giraffes, hipos, tigers, elephants and many other.
Pablo was the richest man in the world!! Nobody knows exactly how big his fortune was but his revenue was about 20 billion annually. (Of that time).
Pablo built his own neighborhood. He built more than 450 redbrick houses with many soccerfields. Allowing the poorest people of Medellin to have their own house without paying any taxes.
After going out of jail, he was killed after a persecution in the rooftop of one house in his neighborhood in Medellin in December 2, 1993.
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