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Vietnam War Fashion


Beverly Tellez

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Vietnam War Fashion

Fashion Before and After the Vietnam War Second Article In the second article, I learned that after the Vietnam War women got tired of the dull military look and decided to make a statement and dramatically change the style. Women wore clothing that was fitted to their waist, had bright colors, and bold shapes. War Poem BLOOD AND TEARS
All have paid with blood and tears
To make this country free
All have paid with blood and tears
To make it the way it needs to be
All have paid with blood and tears
To do what they thought was right
All have paid with blood and tears
To hold nothing back and continue to fight
All have paid with blood and tears
To make it as it is today
All have paid with blood and tears
To do their best, at any cost, in each and every way.

By: Jay Nemeth
By: Beverly Tellez
3/8/13 5th period First Article In the first article, I learned that before the Vietnam War many people didn't really care about their clothing because they were too busy and worried about the war. Therefore, women and men wore overalls, work uniforms, and many other old clothing they had. Even if they would have cared they couldn't do anything about the way they dressed because the materials they needed were rationed. For example they had a limit of three buttons per clothing item. In the end, the transition of fashion before the war and fashion after the war made a big difference in the way we dress now. Before the war clothing wasn't of much importance but after the war fashion even symbolized power. From boring to colorful geometric the Vietnam War era changed the way we see fashion to this day.
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