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Meet Woodrow Wilson Jace whitis

No description

Bridget Houghtelin

on 2 February 2018

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Transcript of Meet Woodrow Wilson Jace whitis

Meet Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Wilson is the 28th President. He was born in December 28,1856 and died February 3,1924
Woodrow wilsons family
His family is Edith his wife Jessie Wilson daughter and Elanor Wilson daughter
His colleges was Davidson,John Hopkins,Printon,and virgina and taught at virgina .
Meet Woodrow Wilson
he was Democratic party and severd 1913 and 1921

He was the presdint during world war 1 and he won the noble peace prize in 1919.
other intertresting facts is He had two wives one of them died.A lot of people sai d he was one best presdints of all time he also only presdint of his time that belived that women should have same rights and he was dyslexic.
By Jace
How are you my name is Woodrow wilson
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