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Democratic Decisions Making in Early Canada

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Safiyah Hosein

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Democratic Decisions Making in Early Canada

Democratic Decision Making
in Early Canada Quebec Act -1774 Constitutional Act – 1791 Act of Union – 1840 British North America Act – 1867 The Constitutional Act, 1791, act of the British parliament creating Upper Canada and Lower Canada. It divided the colony of Quebec into 2 parts. the western with mostly English speaking population which is upper Canada and the eastern with french speaking which is lower Canada. The biggest issue of the act was the creation of clergy reserves. which set aside land for the use of church which most of the reserve land went to catholic or Anglican church. Other group that have their own organization and faith under a single administrative and a group of people who form an ascending chain power/authority were largely ignored.
The constitution Act of 1791 contributed to the development of democracy because it included a major step i today's government because representative governments were chosen for the first time and this includes: fundamental freedom, democratic rights, minority language education rights and many more. It was written by John A MacDonald and other political representative from Ontario, Quebec because Canada was a colony of great Britain, the constitution was passed by the british parliament. This act is important because the powers would be divided among the monarch, the federal parliament and the provincial legislatures.
The British North America Act contributed to the development of democracy because in 1867, Great Britain became a constitutional monarchy. In addition to that, the British North America authorized a parliamentary democracy. The leader was to be called the prime minister and must be an elected member of parliament.
The Quebec Act is one of the most important pieces of legislation ever introduced in Canada and recognized the distinctiveness of French speaking canadians. The appease of the French canadians and the British government pass the Quebec act which recognized a number of religious, and languages rights for the French.
The Quebec act contributed to the development of the democracy because it recognized the French speaking Canadians had less rights. The English speaking protestants, which allowed the first appointed British governor of Quebec ( James Murry ) to stand up o and fight for their rights which now got us to where we are today; civilized and well diverse community with equal rights. Not only that, but it restored the canadian system of civil law. However the Quebec act didn't give people more say in the government, but they still are one of the most important legislative piece of history today! The Union Act was established a single parliament with equal representation, a permanent Civil List, the banishment of the French language from official governmental use and suspension of French Canadian institution relating to education.
The Act of Union was the effort of John Lambton Earl of Durham, reports back and forth on the affairs of British North America. Because of the Act of Union where Upper Canada became Canada East, a responsible governor was monitored that would let people have more of a say in making decisions about their own affairs. Which leads to us today, and our democratic country where we are allowed to have a say in decision making
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