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Downtown Mesa Final

Revitalizing Downtown Mesa

Nelson Ortiz

on 25 January 2011

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Transcript of Downtown Mesa Final

Downtown Mesa "a Square Mile of Unique Style" By

Nelson Ortiz Target Area Facts: City of Mesa Population:

City of Mesa Land Mass:

Average Population Per Square Mile:

Target Area Population:

3 Historic Districts in Target Area:

First Established in 1878 460,000 133.13 Square Miles 3,500 3,000 Robson, Second Street, Wilbur Data Collection and Market Study Diverse Demographics
Active Police Department

2009 Lowest Crime Statistics
In Years
"a Square Mile of Unique Style
Current Market Supports: (Volunteer in Police Services) Steady Population Decline
Large Number of Rental Properties
30+ Acres of Vacant Land
"Mom and Pop" Shops
Limited Foot Traffic
No Identity
Light Rail Completion in 2015 Apartment, Senior Living, Hotels, Bookstores, Music Shops, Restaurants, Boutiques, Banks, Art Galleries Assets and Liabilities Comprehensive Revitalization
Strategies Vacant Land Development Main Street Corridor Creating a Historic District Higher Education Campus Homeless and Drug Abuse Railroad Reuse /
Broadway Corridor Northeast Tract - 30 Acres Small Residential Lots Center South Tract - 5 1/2 Acres 1st Ave. and Macdonald Parking lot -
5 Acres Future Light Rail Expansion Construction Strategy Friday Night Events on Main Streetscape Improvements Branding Downtown Mesa &
Business Development Process North vs. South of Main St. Neighborhood Benefits Financial Benefits Recommendations Specialty Grocery Store

with Complemenatary Restaurant

Splash Park

Multi-Family Residential
Complex Enforce Code Regulation

Provide Tax Incentive or Grant
to Sell/Purchase Lots Faster Retail Development


Student Housing for Center
City South School Campus Pocket Park

Baseball or Soccer Field

Organized Recreational Activities Light Rail should be completed by 2015

Runs down the center of Main St.

Makes Downtown Mesa more accessible to
the Valley

Some local shop owners are concerned
about business during the construction
process Small Shops
Dining Options
Convenience Store Wanted By Residents

Contact State Historic Preservation
Officer (SHPO)

State Review Board to Evaluate

Notification to all neighborhood
property owners Determination of Eligibility
Nominates the neighborhood Pride and Leadership

Streetscape is Clean

Wide sidewalks and

Walking Paths

Sense of Security Lack of known Leadership

Overgrown weeds claim

Vacant Homes

Maintenance North South Creates Leadership and Pride within
the Neighborhood

Brings recognition of importance to
the neighborhood

Rehabilitation of Historic Homes

Improves Streetscape and Sidewalk

Focuses on the Roots of Neighborhood Entitles Neighborhood to Federal
Grants and Tax Benefits

Assistance programs to help
rehabilitation and/or maintenance
for property owner

Increases property levels over time

Promotes less rentals and more
ownership Will only occur during summer months

Business all have back door entrances

Planning on developing a catchy slogan
to get people familiar with the plan

Friday Night Events will be temporally
displaced Motorcycles on Main and Second Fridays

Fosters a sense of community

Goal is to re-engage residents into the Main St. Events Fridays

Organized by Merchants

Mesa would like to hold an event for every Friday evening Events will be temporally moved to north-south running arterial Streets

Currently there is a divide once south of Main Street when streetscape ends

Improve connection by widening sidewalk, landscaping, and lighting Currently lacks a Theme and nightlife
i.e. Old Town Scottsdale

Vision is to expand on the Main Street
“Feel” ex Main Street U.S.A at Disney World

Take advantage of current assets i.e. Mesa
Arts Center

Want to attract new business to the Area Unique and creative shops
Stores for all age groups
Night life establishments Reuse campus (City South Center Campus)

Liberal Art/Art/Medical school

Student Housing

Funding Facts Homelessness has become a regional

Mesa Responsible for 13% of County

12,000-22,000 people homeless on
any given day Currently Vision Support non-profit and faith-based
organizations that serve the homeless

Mesa Housing Services Division use
CDBG funds - maintain housing stock,
and enable low-income individuals to
stay in their homes

Home-Owner Rehabilitation program-
$1.0 million last year

Rental Rehabilitation program
$2.3 million since 1985 Provide transportation to CASS

Partner with CASS to have a
satellite campus

Food drives and charity events

Positive community involvement
and partnerships

Drug and Alcohol addiction counseling

Job training/Employment Assistance Purchase Property

Remove Railroad Tracks

Add barrier wall

Plant trees and Landscape
to create Greenbelt

Creates buffer between Residential
and Industrial Zones Strategy CONCLUSION Action Speaks Louder than Words

Creates Passion Among Residents

Plan NOW for Lightrail IMPACT

Be Willing to Step outside "Comfort Zone" QUESTIONS? THANK YOU
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