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Aston Business School - Software Bugs

No description

Jonathan Hope

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Aston Business School - Software Bugs

Software Bug Investigation
Teams split by Pinnacle Module
Vehicles / Accounts
Manufacturer Integration

One Team Leader, multiple team members

Automated system allows customers to select which team they wish to speak to
Calls can flow over to other teams

Calls logged in Microsoft CRM
Teams split by Pinnacle Module
Vehicles / Accounts
Manufacturer Integration

Scrum Teams are self organising

Use Microsoft CRM to track bugs passed to development by support

Bugs recreated in TFS for developers to work on
Next steps
What is a bug?
A software bug is an


that produces an incorrect or unexpected result.

First actual case of bug being found?
The affect of bugs...
The European Space Agency's Ariane 5 Flight 501 was destroyed 40 seconds after takeoff (June 4, 1996). The US$1 billion prototype rocket self-destructed due to a bug in the on-board guidance software.
In January 2009, Google's search engine erroneously notified users that
web site world wide was potentially malicious, including its own.
Project Definition
As Pinewood's Scrum Master, I need to identify areas where we can improve our processes so that:

We can ensure a quality product is being released to our customers

Improve our resolution time should any issues be identified

Limit rework to help improve our current velocity
What does success look like?
To deliver this project successfully, the team must:

Understand the impact that bugs have upon the company as a whole

Identify areas where the current bug reporting process could be improved

Recommend improvements to the existing recording and monitoring of bugs
The cost of bugs...
Y2K (1999)
Cost: $500 billion
World War III… Almost (1983)
Cost: Nearly all of humanity.

To save computer storage space, legacy software often stored the year for dates as two digit numbers, such as "99″ for 1999. The software also interpreted "00″ to mean 1900 rather than 2000, so when the year 2000 came along, bugs would result.

A bug in the Soviet software failed to filter out false missile detections caused by sunlight reflecting off cloud-tops.
Pinewood Technologies PLC (2013)
Cost: £139,000 (approx)
Aston Business School
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