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Set Top Box's

No description

Sab Battel

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Set Top Box's

SET T0P B0X'$ How does a set top box work? Austar Set top Boxes:
SMS Slow at changing channels Omega Capacitor problems in early models Atlas/G3/Dione Known capacitor problem
in power supply Titan None known
Flinders The RF conections on earlier
moders were really bad My Star T500 Regular resets My Star T500 HD None Known HD Set Top Box's The higher the number of pixels there are
The higher quality picture there is!! Austar Set Top Box
Advertising What Are Set Top Box Used For? Set top box's are used by many
different companies
for many different
reasons They
are used to
display a higher amount
of pixels to TV's that
are not highdefinition.
uses them
to display more
channels to their
use them
to record live
TV. Bibliography www.Wikipedia.com
www.Youtube.com Who Is The Target
Audience For Set
Top Box's?
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