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eco-interactive edutainment center

No description

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of eco-interactive edutainment center

low energy building
In the modern society that we are living today, many remain unaware about the threat of global warming. It is something that is commonly heard and our mother nature is indeed ailing and sickening day by day. And yet, are we aware of the consequences?

yes or no?
The urban context that we are living today does not permit much space and exposure towards global warming.

first impression would be a bored formal education center where student sit still and learn.
and if there any facilities provided does we willing to go there?
why i need to be here.?
i want to play
this is
thus ?
issues and problem
perception and awareness
less exposure and awareness toward green education and global warming among youth due to limited green educational facilities.
learning environment and education

passive learning environment does not attract youth to learn. Formal education seems failed to educate and attract younger people as younger generation prefer exciting and interactive learning rather than conventional learning
social and living
lack of green pocket space where people can learn and play at the same time.
sustainable issues
reduce global warming and environmental issue through architecture solution
issues and problem
perception and awareness
learning environment and education
social and living
sustainable issue
edutainment center
asil asyraf mohd asri
environmental unit

thesis statement
The thesis proposed an eco-interactive edutainment center, a place where youth are educated and nurtured on environmental aspect, promote green education and also enhance social and green living.

physical space in the teaching and learning process to invoke youth interest toward green education and global warming.
green education through designing open public integrated facilities and space.
portraying green learning process by assimilating them in society
used material through adaptive reuse of recycle material. By using the active and passive green feature display the building itself as sustainable green center
energy used in proposed building
significance of study
to educate and improve people awareness about green education
promote green living
improve the sustainability of quality of life
why does it happen?
what should be done?
interactive education
green education
playful entertainment
eco-interactive edutainment center
site proposal
There is no specific site chosen yet but the site will be located in urban context with high density of human traffic in Kuantan town.
The idea is to merge the public with green educational facilities to create awareness among public about green education and global warming.
the propose site
propose site 1
propose site 2
north view
west view
east view
south view
: Bukit sekilau, Kuantan
: uitm kuantan
main access road
: Jalan Bukit sekilau
Other facilities
: SK bukit sekilau,
Tunas manja, Residential area,
Site selection
: good drainage, windy,
high human trafic, near residential
: Putra Square, Kuantan
: Politeknik Metro, Megamall,
East coast mall
main access road
: Jalan Tun Ismail
Other facilities
:Shophouses, hotel,
stadium, field, kompleks belia dan
Site selection
: high human trafic,
located between two big mall, windy
case study 2
Innovative Bioclimatic European School
creates a cluster of three separate courtyard buildings defining each educational unit, and connected by a central square.
sensible solar orientation and the channeling of the predominant winds.
Classroom arrangements are based on notions of community, constituting various forms of “neighborhoods” in which students
can engage in educational and social activities beyond the classroom.
case study 1
Chesapeake Child Development Center
view 1
view 3
view 2
view 4
case study
use of vibrant colour to invoke children interest.
best safe place where parents and guardians could come any time to spend time with their kids and be part of their lives while at work
building program
1. target group
adolescences ranging from 11-20
children ranging from 5-10
both male and female
with public
2. target user
proposed type of user
the trainee/child/
the one
who assist
the one who govern
program and facilities
support staff
all time
4. type of facilities
class room/seminar hall
workshop/craftsmanship facilities
farming kindergarten/ park archipelago
gallery/green information center
class room idea
case study
royal selangor visitor centre
wall of finish
a great place where
people are introduced
to pewter. same idea
can be adept to
introduce green to
a journey experiencing
and learning about
wall of finish
arrangement of space
3. Building typology
mix development edutainment center integrated with public facilities
Farming Kindergarten / Vo Trong Nghia Architects
is a prototype for sustainable education spaces in tropical climates
allowing children to enter a very special eco-friendly experience when they walk up and go through it
continuous vegetable garden, a place to teach children the importance of agriculture and relationship with nature
Architectural and mechanical energy-saving methods are comprehensively applied including but not limited to: green roof, PC-concrete louver for shading, recycle materials, water recycling, solar water heating
devices are designed visibly for children to play their important role in sustainable education.
4. Other facilities
office [ for staff/management ]
retail area [ economic sustainable ]
outdoor space/playpark
sources: http://www.archdaily.com/322676/chesapeake-child-development-center-elliott-associates-architects/
sources: http://www.archdaily.com/393022/in-progress-farming-kindergarten-vo-trong-nghia-architects/
sources: http://www.archdaily.com/317064/innovative-bioclimatic-european-school-third-prize-winning-proposal-atelier3am/
sources: www.royalselangor.com/‎
5. architectural approach
physical learning space rather than visual literacy
edutainment : education + entertainment
playful environment - glider linking a class etc
green/ sustainability building
utilizing architectural element including material, colour, space and form
what does i mean by physical learning?
rather than visual literacy
sources: http.//fbe.um.edu

Nature experience and environmental education are critical components of environmental competency and sustainable development.

"Evidence of the specific dimensions of nature experience contribution is lacking"
(Bolscho, D., Hauenschild, K)
pupil to be part of reused material program
the reused material than were portrayed to public as it was used in wall finish and part of building itself
playful environment?
more outdoor interactive activities to be implement
a glider
connecting all
sources: www.thecoolhunter.net


sustainable architecture is not only about reducing the possible impact but also to increase awareness among public about the importance of green environment.
the best way is to educate them while they are still youth.
thus to attract youth to be part of this program, entertaining education is needed
eco-interactive edutainment center
a place where youth are educate and nurture on environmental aspect, promote green education as well as enhancing better social and green living
thank you
thank you :)
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